Charity News: WA: Seattle: Ninkasi Brewing collaborate with local publicans to fund Beer Autism Hope

Press Release
image sourced from Beer Autism Hope's website
Tuesday, November 4, 2014 (Los Angeles, CA) - Ninkasi Brewing is teaming up with The Blarney Stone Pub, Chuck’s Hop Shop and Beer Authority for “Pints For A Cause” on Wednesday, November 12 supporting the Beer Autism Hope Movement and Lance’s Room autism charity. On Wednesday, Nov. 12, $1 of each Ninkasi pint sold at all three locations will go to support Lance’s Room.

The Beer Autism Hope Movement began in honor of Lance Rice, a beer historian with autism who overcame incredible odds at 55-years-old and embarked on a 35,000 mile brewery tour (including a stop at Ninkasi Brewing in Eugene, Ore.) in 2013 to raise awareness for autism. What began as a journey for Lance to fulfill his dream to author an American Brewing History Book became a miracle for the autism community and a movement to give back. The Beer Autism Hope Movement supports the autism community nationwide through Lance’s Room charity as well as charitable causes within the beer industry – from scholarships and vocational training for the disabled to sustainable farming and more.

“Pints For A Cause” was established by Ninkasi's Beer is Love donations program. The brewery encourages community give-back throughout all states in which it operates. One such way, is by hosting various “Pints For A Cause” events at its brewery and accounts, where a portion of proceeds is donated to a selected community organization.

WHAT: “Pints For A Cause” supporting Lance’s Room autism charity. $1 of each Ninkasi pint sold goes to support autism awareness.

WHEN: Wednesday, November 12


Beer Authority (12720 Lake City Way NE, Seattle, WA 98125) Phone: (206) 417-9629

The Blarney Stone Pub (1416 1st. Ave, Seattle, WA 98101) Phone: (206) 448-8439

Chuck’s Hop Shop (2001 E. Union St., Seattle, WA 98122) Phone: (206) 538-0743

This is our chance to stand behind one of the beer world's most inspiring historians - and give hope to all those who are touched by autism. Visit Chuck’s Hop Shop, Beer Authority and The Blarney Stone Pub on Wednesday, November 12 to support a great cause and enjoy a great beer!

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