Brewery Release: WA: Seattle: Coming Soon … Reuben’s Brews 2014 Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout (BBIS)

Starting Saturday at noon, November 15th, Reuben’s Brews is releasing their annual Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout.

image sourced from Reuben's Brews' website

Lovingly nicknamed BBIS, Adam Robbings aged this year’s edition in 30 year-old barrels,which produce a “… rounded, chocolatey and deep” character. Additionally, the beer’s recipe has also received a bit of modification, allowing for a “roast backbone”.

All of this is meaningless if you aren’t one of the lucky few, who stop by the brewery to pick up this limited edition, wax-dipped, BBIS.

We're releasing bottles of our 2014 Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout (BBIS) on Saturday, Nov. 15 at noon in the taproom. The wax-dipped 22oz bottles will be available on a first-come/first-served basis. We have a few more cases available than last year - but not a lot - so we're anticipating a limit of three bottles per person. The price will continue to be the same as last year at $15 a bottle. Because it is a limited release it will be just taproom availability.

Along with sales of 2014, the brewery is releasing draft-editions of their 2014 Imperial Stout (sans barrel-aging), a limited amount (1/6 BBL /Barrel) of 2013 BBIS, as well as ‘small beer’ called “Emperor's Son” (which was made with this year’s BBIS, and clocks in at 5.00% ABV).

To hear unedited thoughts from Adam Robbings, on this year’s BBIS - visit Reuben’s Brews by clicking here. Reuben’s Brews is located at 1406 NW 53rd Street, in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood.

About Reuben’s Brews

Although only a month old at the time, our clever, thoughtful son, Reuben, came up with the idea of giving Adam a homebrewing kit for his birthday.  When Reuben and I took Adam to Bob’s (our friendly, neighborhood homebrew supply store) to pick up his kit, I was expecting to pick up a little tin of “beer mix” and a bucket to brew.  We were a bit surprised and overwhelmed by the seriousness of this beer-brewing business.  I thought, “Oh great, there’s more storage space gone once Adam gives up on this little hobby in a month’s time.”  Even though I rarely admit to being wrong now that we’re married, I couldn’t have been farther from the mark thinking that this would be an easily discarded hobby.  The first brewing system has been dwarfed by the upgraded and supersized brewhouse, and there has been no chance for the mash tun, brew kettle, or hot liquor tank to gather any dust!  Adam’s hobby turned into full-blown obsession, and in tribute to the little man who started it all, Reuben’s Brews was born!

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