When you walk, drive or ride around Bend, you'll notice unique names of streets and places. These names tell a story of Bend's early history. Drake Park, for example, wasn't named after a duck. The beautiful park, peacefully hugging Mirror Pond was named after Alexander M. Drake, a frontier developer. In fact, Mirror Pond isn't a pond either. It's a gently flowing river springing from the Cascade Mountains, which is reflected in its glassy surface. You see, more than 100 years ago pioneers took refuge and relaxed here. Once they spotted Pilot Butte on the horizon, incoming pioneers knew that they were approaching the twisting riverbanks of the Deschutes River, home to more than 300 early settlers. They lived in an area called Farewell Bend, which was the common saying when the pioneers sadly continued on with their westward journey. In November 1904 the residents voted to incorporate to a city. The town needed a name and what better name was there than its trademark. In January 1905, the citizens dropped the farewell part and nailed up the sign that said welcome to Bend, Oregon. A brief history of Bend, Read more

History aside, Bend has remained a destination for both outdoor enthusiasts and affectionate brewery supporters. Starting in 1988 with the founding of Deschutes Brewery, the area in and around Bend has infected inspired brewers with thoughts of mountain biking, white water rafting, and hiking; while enjoying something memorable.

Recognizing the collective warmth that radiates from Bend, the publicans at the Latona Pub are celebrating Bend with a week of brewery nights.


Starting on Monday, November 17th, the Latona Pub will host a different brewery from 7pm. Below is a breakdown of each day’s brewery.

  • 11/17     10 Barrel Brewing
  • 11/18     Deschutes Brewery
  • 11/19     The Crux Fermentation Project
  • 11/20     Goodlife Brewing Company
  • 11/21     Boneyard Beer

The Latona Pub is located at 6423 Latona Avenue, in Seattle’s Greenlake neighborhood. For more information on Latona, click here.

About Latona Pub

We have a mission here at your neighborhood pubs: to introduce you to some of the best beers in the world. In our opinion, this means that the beer brewed in our own backyard is created by some of the most talented, creative people in the world. Certainly some fine beers are imported, but often that beer doesn’t receive the care it needs during its travels. At our pubs, we want to present to you the closest thing to what the brewers create. We take care of the beer we pour so that you will have a fresh and wonderful experience.

About 10 Barrel Brewing

We brew what we like to drink. We are a small batch brewery out of Bend Oregon "Living Beer" since 2006

About Deschutes Brewery

Deschutes Brewery overlooks the wild and scenic Deschutes River in beautiful Bend, Oregon, home base to our adventurous, award-winning lineup of pioneering beers. You're welcome to drop in, sample our beers, and meet the beer-obsessed folks who tend them.

About The Crux Fermentation Project

Crux Fermentation Project, established June, 2012, is located at the epicenter of Bend and at the heart of the brewing process. We’ve designed our brewery to allow for non-traditional brewing methods like decoction mashing, open fermentation, oak barrel aging, wild yeast strains and experimental hops. All our beer is bottled and labeled by hand in small batches right at the brewery. Brewmaster Larry Sidor is always in pursuit of the next great beer, whether by reinterpreting a classic style or abandoning it altogether. If you’re in Bend, stop by the Tasting Room at 50 SW Division Street, Bend, Oregon 97702. You can also find Crux at www.cruxfermentation.com, Facebook.com/cruxfermentationproject and Twitter.com/cruxbrew.

About Goodlife Brewing Company

With an Oregon-built 30 barrel, 4-vessel brew system, Goodlife Brewing creates fresh craft ales. Our system is custom designed to produce quality beer. Contemplate the balance it takes to gracefully zip down a tight tree run on Mt. Bachelor. This is the image we perceive when we balance a malt and hop profile, a natural requirement for everything we brew. Inspired by the beautiful surroundings, the stimulating culture, and fantastic lifestyle that is true to Central Oregon, we like to think we know the definition of a GoodLife.

About Boneyard Beer

In 2010, Boneyard Beer was started in an old auto shop tucked away in the backstreets of Bend, Oregon’s historical district. Without any outside investors or major bank loans, Boneyard’s inception was unconventional to say the least. After decades in the brewing industry, owner Tony Lawrence built up a “boneyard” of old equipment he collected from 13 different breweries around the country. Alongside co-founders, Clay and Melodee Storey, this second-hand brewing equipment was pieced together to brew the first batch of Boneyard Beer in May 2010. As Boneyard has grown, the initial fermenters have been replaced with shiny new ones, but the original, refurbished 20-barrel system is still the one Boneyard uses today. The current brewing system, with it’s capacity of 15,000 barrels per year, allows Boneyard to distribute draft beer in Oregon and Washington.

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