Festival News: WA: Washington Beer Commission announces South Sound IPA Festival draft list

Press Release

The Washington Beer Commission will host its inaugural South Sound IPA Festival on Saturday, October 18with two sessions at downtown Tacoma's Union Station. This will be the first craft beer tasting festival for the Washington Beer Commission in the City of Destiny. The Commission currently produces five other beer festivals around the state as a means for funding the marketing, education and public relations efforts of the Washington Beer Commission and its more than 230+ member breweries.

The South Sound IPA Festival will turn Union Station into a haven of hops, featuring some of the best India Pale Ales (IPA's) to be found anywhere, along with fresh hop beers, and many other "hop forward" creations. In all, there will be at least 48 delicious craft beers, most measuring quite high on the International Bitterness Units (IBU's) scale.

The event will take place on Saturday, October 18, with a noon - 4pm session, followed by a second 5:30pm - 9:30pm session. A separate ticket is required for each session. Admission is $25 in advance and $30 at the door and includes a commemorative tasting cup along with eight, 4 oz. sample tastes. Additional tastes will be available for purchase at $2.00 each. Tickets are on sale now! Complete ticket and event information is available at washingtonbeer.com. This is a 21 and over only event.

There will be 26 Washington Breweries showcasing their IPA's, fresh hop beers, and other delicious hop forward creations. Here is a list of the 62 amazing beers pouring at the event:
7 Seas Brewing
Gig Harbor
1) Rude Parrot IPA
Loud and sassy, brewed with Vienna, Light Crystal and a touch of honey malt. A big tropical fruit hop nose yields way to an off dry, pleasantly bitter finish. 5.9% ABV
2) Ballz Deep Double IPA
Packed with several varieties of Crystal malt provide a slightly sweet malt flavor. Copious amounts of Resiny Yakima Valley hops go berserk on bitterness. 8.4% ABV
3) Cascadian Dark Ale
Intensely hoppy, black, yet velvety smooth with a hint of roast.
7.0% ABV
4) Life Jacket Session IPA
Brewed with Nugget and Amarillo hops this will quench your thirst with a light bode and hoppy satisfaction. 4.5% ABV
5) Depth Finder IRA
An assertive hop profile of an IPA with a malt character of a lucidly smooth amber ale. 5.9% ABV

American Brewing
1) Captain Munson IPA
A hazy amber pour leads to a big, fresh, fragrant, fruity nose of tropical fruit and mango. A skillful blend of Citra, Simcoe and Sorachi Ace hops makes for an interesting twist on this style. 7% ABV/ 80 IBU
2) Hightstick Red IPA
This rich ruby red imperial ale has a strong citrusy bouquet. Well balanced with a smooth caramel malty sweetness.
8.2% ABV/ 100 IBU
3) Breakaway IPA
A true Northwest Style IPA.  Bold hop aroma with floral and citrus notes. Dark honey in color with a medium intense hop bitterness that doesn't linger and is well balanced with a citrusy (grapefruit), malty sweetness. 7.2% ABV/ 90 IBU

Anacortes Brewery
1) Fresh Hop Pale Ale
A single hop Simcoe pale ale brewed with Munich and light colored malts for a dark straw color with major flavor and aroma from copious amounts of fresh leaf hop delivered directly from Eastern WA. 5.4% ABV/ 35 IBU
2) India Pale Ale  
Our award winning IPA emphasizes Northwest hop varieties and features significant hop flavor, bitterness and aroma from Columbus, Cascade and Simcoe. 6.1% ABV/ 118 IBU

Bainbridge Island Brewing
Bainbridge Island
1) Eagle Harbor IPA
We've thought about what makes a great every-day IPA, and returned to our Northwest roots. Eagle Harbor presents a firm hop aroma, supported by enough malt character to keep you coming back for more. Malt: Pale, Crystal 40, Special Aromatic, Wheat, and Sour. Hops: Cascade, Nugget, Centennial, Apollo, and Crystal. It’s the winner of the 2014 Washington Beer Awards Silver Medal for American IPA! 6.0% ABV/ 60 IBU
2) Bainbridge Pale Ale: Single Hop Series
Variety is the spice of life! That's why over the course of a year, we are releasing versions of our Bainbridge Pale Ale specifically designed to highlight the different aromas and flavors of some exciting hop varieties. About every 2 months, the hop will change and we’ll be able to experience each new hop variety without any preconception or prejudice. This series uses the Japanese hop Sorachi Ace. 5.4% ABV/ 40 IBU

Bale Breaker Brewing
1) Piled High Imperial Fresh Hop
Brewed in the middle of a hop field, Piled High Imperial Fresh Hop Ale just might be one of the freshest Fresh Hop Ales around. It took just five minutes to get these wet Simcoe® and Mosaic™ hops out of the picking machine and into the brew kettle. This recipe uses exclusively fresh hops, from bittering to “wet” hopping, and at 25 pounds of fresh hops per barrel, it’s meant for only the most serious of hop heads. 7.3% ABV/ 77 IBU
2) Topcutter IPA
Our flagship IPA is a well-balanced yet aggressive West Coast IPA that showcases Yakima Valley hops at their finest. Late additions of Simcoe®, Citra®, Ahtanum™, and Mosaic™ give this beer its complex citrus, fruity, and floral aroma and flavor. Named for a unique piece of farm equipment that removes hop vines from the trellis during the annual hop harvest, Topcutter IPA delivers loads of hoppiness all year long. 6.8% ABV/ 70 IBU

Blue Lightning Brewery
1) Just the Tip ISA
Big hoppiness, low gravity. The perfect complement to a long day playing. 56 IBU/ 4.5% ABV
2) Papa IPA
Beautiful floral nose and 100 IBU’s combined with a well-balanced array of malts. The perfectly balanced IPA. 6.9% ABV

Dick's Brewing
1) Dick's IPA
This crisp, hoppy Northwest IPA features Centennial, Cascade
and Columbus hops that impart strong citrus hop flavors and
aromas. Our Northwest IPA is balanced nicely with the use of
crystal and victory malt. We finished this fine IPA with a heavy
dose of dry hopping to lock in the all the intense flavors and
aromas. This IPA is sure to satisfy the hop heads of the
Northwest, so sit back and enjoy. 6.2% ABV/ 80 IBU
2) Dick's Mountain Amber Ale
Dick’s Mountain Amber Ale is a classic amber ale with large quantities of two special varieties of lightly roasted malts that contribute a deep malt profile to this very drinkable and attractive ale. The bittering hop addition is designed to achieve perfect balance; not too bitter and not too sweet– just right! Large additions of Northwest flavor and aroma hops give our Amber its delicious finish which lingers on the palate. 5.2% ABV/ 35 IBU

Elysian Brewing
1) Immortal IPA 
Refreshing, hoppy and strong. A Northwest interpretation of a classic English style, golden copper in color and loaded with New World hop flavor and aroma. Brewed with Pale, Munich, Crystal and Cara-hell malts. Bittered with Chinook, finished with Amarillo and Centennial hops. 6.3% ABV/ 54 IBU
2) Avatar Jasmine IPA
A new incarnation of IPA. Brewed with Pale, 45° Crystal, Munich and Cara-hell malts. Bittered with German Northern Brewer and finished with Glacier and Amarillo hops. Dried jasmine flowers added in the boil and hopback. Starting gravity 15.6° Plato (1.064), 6.3% ABV
3) Space Dust IPA
A totally nebular IPA. Great Western premium two-row, combined with c-15 and Dextri-Pils, give this beer a bright and galactic Milky Way hue. The hopping is pure starglow energy, with Chinook to bitter and late and dry additions of Citra and Amarillo.  Space Dust is out of this world. 7.2% ABV/ 62 IBU
4) Bifrost Winter Ale
Strong, hoppy and smooth. Named for the mythical bridge connecting the mortal world to the heavens. Brewed with pale malt and small amounts of Munich and Crystal malts. Bittered with Magnum and finished with Chinook and Styrian Goldings hops.
7.6% ABV

Fremont Brewing
1) Cowiche Canyon Fresh Hop Ale
Brewed from select organic hops grown in the Cowiche Canyon of the Yakima Valley, which are harvested and placed into our kettle within 24 hours. Made in partnership with hop-growing wizards from the Yakima Valley in an effort to expand the organic hop industry in Washington State. 6.0% ABV/ 70 IBU
2) Sister Imperial IPA
Family always comes first. Just when you thought that your poor tongue couldn't stand any more humulus lupulus, The Sister comes home to prove you wrong. Using the same unbreakable malt backbone of The Brother to balance out a truckload of Calypso and Bravo hops, The Sister weighs in at approximately a billion IBUs. 8.5% ABV
3) Interurban IPA
Interurban India Pale Ale offers the adventurous beer lover a warm embrace of roasted pale malt swirled with a hand-selected blend of flavor malts and filled with the rich spice of Chinook, Centennial, and Amarillo hops. 6.2% ABV/ 80 IBU
4) The Brother Imperial IPA
Brewed with twice as much barley and 5 pounds of hops per barrel, the Brother will sit on your palate and beat you down. And you’ll like it. This is a Northwest Imperial IPA. Hops First, Hops Last and Hops All The Way Through! 1 Billion IBU! 8.5% ABV

Georgetown Brewing
1) Lucille IPA
Floral, citrusy and awesome. Anything so innocent and built like that just gotta be named Lucille. 7.0% ABV/ 85IBU         
2) Eddie IPL
Originally brewed as a last minute add to the brew schedule when some fresh Mosaic hops fell in our laps, we decided to give it another go, but without the fresh hops this time. Brewing the beer as a lager gives the beer a crisp character, brightening the passion fruit and stone fruit aromas from the Mosaic hops, but still delivering the citrus flavors and upfront bitterness of an IPA.

Harmon Brewing
1) Pt. Defiance IPA
Pt. Defiance IPA is brewed with 4 different malted barleys. Centennial, Columbus, and Zythos hops provide the big hoppy flavor. Dry hopping with Falconers flight & Amarillo hops provides this beer’s hop aroma. 6.1% ABV/ 70 IBU
2) Never Never Land IPA
Never Never Land IPA is brewed with 5 different malted barleys including: Pale, Crystal, Munich, Pilsner, and Dextrin. Centennial, Columbus, and Amarillo hops provide ample bittering to balance the sweet malts. Dry hopping with Amarillo hops give this beer a nice 
Citrus finish. 6.4% ABV/ 90 IBU

1) Thundercone Fresh Hop Ale
Brewed with 30lbs of fresh Brewer's Gold hops right off the vines, this fall seasonal is a refreshing hop filled wonder to enjoy.
6.19% ABV
2) Pleasure Point IPA
With a powerful hop bitterness to cut through the autumn cold, this IPA boasts a hearty 91 IBUs. Heavy floral notes with a hint of citrus and earthy spiciness are at the forefront of this straw colored hop concoction. 6.58% ABV

Narrows Brewing
1) Giant Pacific Octopus IPA
Columbus and Willamette hops make our golden IPA taste like a sunny day in the woods. At 7.2% ABV, it's far more refreshing than it should be.
2) Channary Imperial Red
A dark red ale with assertive doses of Centennial and Ahtanum hops. Dark caramel malt adds sweetness, but not too much. 9.3% ABV

No-Li Brewhouse
1) No-Li Fresh Hop IPA
This orange-colored beer showcases fresh Chinook hops layered on the bright flavors derived from light Munich & Caramel malts. Make no mistake about it though, this beer is all about hop. The hops linger on your tongue just long enough to give you a bitter kick in the mouth before the sweetness knocks it out. 7.6% ABV/ 90 IBU
2) Barrel Aged Jet Star Imperial IPA
Aged 8-months in a second-use Triticale Whiskey barrel from Dry Fly Distillery. The aging on oak increased the depth of sweetness and character of the mouthfeel, transforming this double IPA into more of a barleywine. 8.1% ABV/ 115 IBU

Old Schoolhouse Brewery
1) Ruud Awakening IPA
Big and balanced NW IPA. Mild caramel malt character combines with strong floral and citrusy hop finish. Hops: Warrior, Simcoe, Citra, and Amarillo. 7.3% ABV/ 115 IBU
2) Renegade IPA
A well balanced Northwest IPA that combines light caramel flavors and stone fruit with BIG HOP aroma. Hop varieties: Warrior, Simcoe, Citra, and Mosaic. 7.5% ABV/ 70 IBU

Pacific Brewing & Malting
1) Dirty Skoog IPA
A medium-bodied double IPA with a clean and refreshing bitter character perfectly balanced with crystal malt and a sweet finish. Pine and citrus flavors and aromas. 8.1% ABV/ 73 IBU
2) Mon Yard Strong Ale
American style Strong Ale. A deep amber color with strong hop flavor and bitterness well-balanced by caramel malt and subtle notes of burnt sugar, raisin, and dark fruit. 7.3% ABV/ 88 IBU

Paradise Creek Brewery
1) Alpha Madness Fresh Hop IPA
160lbs of fresh Simcoe hops from Carpenter Ranches in Granger, more additions of Simcoe for bittering, flavor, and dry hop for a total of nearly 200lbs of hops in 14 barrels. Aroma is very fruity, with notes of stone fruit, citrus, and pineapple. Aroma carries through to massive hop flavor, and a significant (but not harsh) bitterness that comes in at the end of a sip. Malt flavor is present but this beer is all about the hops. 6.8% ABV/ 65+ IBU
2) Arc Flash ISA
A sessionable red Pale Ale at only 4.1% ABV, the focus on this beer is the hops. Heavy on aroma and flavor hops, nearly 3/4 of the IBU’s come from late addition hops. All PNW hops, this beer is big on citrus and tropical fruit notes in both flavor and aroma. Color is deep red, and malt flavor is pronounced, although in balance with the hops. There is a huge amount of flavor for such a light beer.
4.1% ABV

Rainy Daze Brewing
1) Hypocrite Double IPA
The 2014 Washington Beer Awards Gold Medal Winner. Straw color, big nose, bold hop flavor from four different hop varieties.
9.2% ABV/ 100 IBU
2) Pourhouse IPA
A light honey color, dank hop aroma, solid bitterness yet well
Balanced. 6.7% ABV/ 80 IBU

Ram Restaurant & Brewery
1) FreshHop
A fresh and friendly ale featuring Meridian hops delivered direct from the harvest to the brewery from Goschie Hop Farms in the Willamette Valley.
2) Big Red IPA
Assertively hoppy, boasting a bold citrus hop flavor and aroma. Reminiscent of grapefruit. Brewed with Amarillo/Citra hops. 6.2% ABV/ 65 IBU

Schooner EXACT
1) Snowpacolypse Black IPA
Black IPA, double dry hopped with Cascade and Amarillo hops. 7.2%ABV/ 80 IBU
2) Emerald ISA
Dry hopped with Mosaic and Cascade hops. 4.7% ABV/ 35 IBU
3) Amarillo Fresh Hop
100% Amarillo, 10 pounds per barrel. 6% ABV
4) 3Grid IPA
Blend of Chinook, Columbus, Amarillo, and Cascade hops give this northwest-style IPA a big, juicy, tropical, citrus flavor. The light caramel and soft bready malts balance but don't interfere with the big hop character. It finishes dry leaving you ready for more hoppy goodness. 6.7% ABV/ 62 IBU

Silver City Brewery
1) Whoop Pass Double IPA
Without a doubt, the boldest and hoppiest mother of a brew Silver City has ever created. More than 50lbs of Washington State Cascade and Columbus hops are infused, injected or otherwise inflicted upon a single 15 barrel batch. Welcome to hop country! Hops: Columbus, Cascade. 8.5% ABV/ 85 IBU
2) Citra Wet Hop Ale
Silver City showcases the green, unkilned character of the Citra hop.  Citra Wet Hop Ale features aromas of tangerine and orange blossom and full flavors reminiscent of pineapple and pine resin creating a tantalizing experience for any hop lover. 6.2% ABV/ 32 IBU

Standard Brewing
1) West Coast IPA
A balanced, lighter bodied IPA centered between classic west coast styled hop flavors and aromas of citrus, pine and tropical fruit. Columbus, Simcoe, Citra and Amarillo hops.
2) Imperial IPA
A light bodied, very aromatic IPA relying heavily on Simcoe and Centennial hops. All booze and hop juice.

Top Rung Brewing
1) Prying Irons IPA
A nicely balanced IPA with nice copper hue and balanced hop bitterness with notes of grapefruit, citrus, and pineyness.
6.7% ABV/ 60 IBU
2) Good Jake CDA
Dark black in color with a super big hop rich dark malt hoppy aroma with subtle coffee and chocolate notes this beer carries throughout. Classic CDA this beer has mixes what both dark beer drinkers and hop heads are searching for. 6.1% ABV/ 55 IBU

Two Beers Brewing
1) Evo IPA 
Northwest IPA, hopped with Yakima Valley Simcoe, Amarillo and Centennial, then aggressively dry-hopped with Simcoe and Columbus. 6.2% ABV/ 70 IBU
2) Grey Skies Dark Pale
Deep mahogany in color aggressively dry hopped with Legacy and Amarillo hops. 5.1% ABV/ 45 IBU

Valholl Brewing
1) Mother-In-Law Double IPA
Bitter and alcoholic, the Mother-in-Law is our Double IPA. Aggressive hops dominate the nose of this assertive mother of an IPA. The full malt body and grassy, citrusy hop bitterness and aroma make this a well-balanced, yet bold beer.
2) Monstrosity Triple IPA
Not your average triple IPA. While hopped to balance the extreme malt bill and alcohol content, this 11.2% IPA is smooth on the palate, pleasantly bittered, and well balanced for a beer of this magnitude. Brewed with 10 LBS. of hops in a 7 BBL batch, this may be the most balanced 11.2% IPA you have ever tasted.

Wingman Brewers
1) Skunky Monkey Imperial IPA
Cascade, Centennial, Columbus, Simcoe hops. 10.4% ABV
2) Rosemary's Baby Rosemary IPA
Citra, Centennial, Simcoe hops & Rosemary. 7% ABV

October 18, 2014

Session 1: Noon - 4pm
Session 2: 5:30pm - 9:30pm

LOCATION:Union Station
1717 Pacific Avenue 
Tacoma, WA 98402

$25 advance tickets or $30 at the door.
Admission includes a commemorative tasting cup and eight 4oz sample tastes.
Must be 21 years old or older and have a valid ID to be admitted.
Designated driver admission is $5 and available at the door only.

Advance tickets are on sale now at washingtonbeer.com
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