Brewery Release: WA: Seattle: Get It Now ... Hale's Ales' Fresh Hop India Session Ale

image courtesy Hale's Ales

We've centrifuged this year's Fresh Hop Ale and it's now available for tasting! Pale golden in color, this beer imparts a subtle citrus sweetness on top of a pleasant grassy/grain aroma. The flavor initially showcases the barley and oats used in the recipe, then shifts right into the juicy Cascade hop profile (citrusy & herbal). It finishes on the dryer side, harnessing just enough aftertaste to bring you in for another sip...
Beer Geek Specifications
4.7% ABV

Malts:  2-Row Barley ~ Oats

Hops:  100lbs FRESH HOP CASCADES FROM YAKIMA, WA ~ Bravo ~ Sorachi Ace
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