Press Release

22oz “Bombers” and kegs to be available at taproom and finer beer stores throughout Washington and Idaho.

Snoqualmie, Washington – As part of our Special Release program, the Snoqualmie Falls Brewing Company is excited to release its latest creation, Zippy, on September 11th. Previously available on draft in the brewery, this delicious, lemon flavored clear wheat ale will now be available for widespread distribution through December. This beer is a great respite for high-gravity ale lovers who are getting hop fatigue. Zippy is 7.2% ABV and is brewed to 25 IBUs with a wheat ale grist, Czech Saaz hops and an Abbey yeast and then dosed with lemon juice to add a slightly tart, citrus flavor. Zippy is excellent paired with Thai food, salads and rich desserts.

This Special Release is a tribute to the comic strip Zippy, who has been drawn by Bill Griffith over the last 40 years. Zippy is known for his nonsensical and non sequitur comments such as “Am I having fun yet?”, and Bill allowed us to use Zippy’s likeness on our label. Zippy’s character is a perfect match for this wacky lemon flavored wheat ale. Are we having beer yet?

The Snoqualmie Falls Brewery began operation in 1997 and opened the Taproom for beer tasting and family dining in April 2006.
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