Brewery News: WA: Fremont Brewing asks you to show them your cans!




gerund or present participle: oversharing

  1. reveal an inappropriate amount of detail about one's personal life.

    "her taste for oversharing was part of a grassroots publicity campaign that cost her and her label nothing"

Ever since the introduction of social media sites (e.g. Facebook, Google+, and Instagram), people have opened up their private lives to the public. Often this includes a photo, representative of their current events.

image courtesy Fremont BrewingFremont Brewing, located in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood, hopes you subscribe to oversharing. In fact they’re counting on you, to submit your photos – while drinking a can of Fremont beer.

"It's time, folks...time for the Fremont Brewing CANpaign! Yep, that's right. We're challenging you, you craft-beer-in-a-can-drinker you, to capture our beer cans in scenic, outdoor settings. Next time you go hiking, biking, mountaintop zumba-ing, kayaking, etc., snag some of our cans, snap an awe-inspiring photo, and post it on Instagram with the hashtag #FremontCANpaign.

Starting this month and running through September 21st, the brewery will select a winning photograph and award the winner a $10 gift card. After 12 weeks, the winning entries will be decimated to only one winner, who receives a grand prize 4 person VIP brewery tour and $50 gift card.

Did we mention that we'll be chauffeuring you and your friends in our Beer Patrol car?!?

Entries will be judged via online poll at the end of the 12 week semi-final period. Take a hike and show Fremont your cans, on Instagram.

Rules of the Game

Three Key Requirements: 1) Follow us on Instagram at @FremontBrewing, 2) Include one of our beer cans in your photo, 3) Use the hashtag #FremontCANpaign "

And of course you need to 21 and over to drink canned Fremont beers!

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