Beer Release: NW: Coming Soon … Firestone Walker Oaktoberfest. The first bottled edition ever.

“Oaktoberfest is a real quaffer… It’s mellow and rounded with this gorgeous autumn orange hue—it’s the kind of beer you should be drinking out of a liter mug.” –Firestone Walker’s head brewery Matt Brynildson

Nicknamed the “Paso Märzen Bier.”, Firestone Walker announces the re-release of Oaktoberfest.

Deviating from previous years, the brewery is set to release packaged editions of this beer, throughout the Northwest. Unfortunately / fortunately for those who’ve already enjoyed a pint of this, from a nearby bar, the beer has acquired a drier and hoppier character. This is done to balance out the sweeter malt character of the style.

Always the craft beer ambassador, Matt had this to say about Oaktoberfest.

“Oaktoberfest has always provided us an opportunity to play around with new German hop cultivars,” Brynildson said. “We’re now focusing on Hallertau Tradition, and we contracted directly with several German farmers to make sure we had enough to last. When visiting some of my favorite German lager breweries, I’ve seen a ton of Hallertau Tradition in their closets, and it proved to be a natural fit for Oaktoberfest.”

“Nevertheless, this is not a hop-driven beer. It’s very traditional in style, incorporating equal amounts of Vienna malt and Pilsner malt, both from Germany. It all comes together to create this classic Märzen profile, with subtle honey-like aromas and hints of noble hop spice.”

The name Oaktoberfest is a nod to the brewery’s hometown of Paso Robles—Spanish for “Pass of The Oaks”—as well as the longtime presence of oak barrels as a central part of the Firestone Walker brewing operation. The checkered blue and white pattern on the label echoes the Bavarian flag and pays homage to the style.

If one is fortunate to visit Paso Robles, this October 11th, then you’re encouraged to attend the Madonna INN Oktoberfest, presented by Firestone Walker Brewing Company. As has been their custom, oak barrels are filled with Oaktoberfest, to be tapped at the festival.

“Tapping the barrels of Oaktoberfest has been an annual rite here for nearly a decade,” Brynildson said. “It’s a journey that has finally found its way into the bottle.”

Look for bottles and six-packs of Oaktoberfest, starting August 1st (2014).

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