Industry News: WA: Washington Brewers Awards Winners Announced

With over 200 breweries, the state of Washington has one of the largest concentrations of breweries in the country. While there are over 200 breweries in the state, many do not receive recognition for their hard work, outside Washington. One only has to look at the results from last year's GABF, where Washington game home with less than 10 medals.
Specialty Competitions LLC recognizes the lack of adulation, bestowed on brewers in the Evergreen State. In 2013, Specialty Competitions LLC founded the "Washington Beer Awards®" to remedy local brewers lack of recognition. 
Renewed this year, the "Washington Beer Awards®" asked all breweries to submit beers in over 30 categories. In return Specialty Competitions received submissions, from over 50 breweries, in 33 categories. 
Announced on June 12th, the "Washington Beer Awards®" concluded with several breweries receiving multiple medals. Additionally, three breweries were recognized for Small Brewery of the Year, Large Brewery of the Year, and support of local ingredients.
Listed below are the winners, listed in order by category. 
Complete Results:
Pale Lagers:
  • Gold: Gordon Biersch Seattle - Golden Export
  • Silver: Icicle Brewing Company - Crosscut Lager
  • Bronze: Ten Pin Brewing - Ten Light
Amber and Dark Lagers
  • Gold: Hi-Fi Brewing - Blue Danube
  • Silver: Gordon Biersch Seattle - Schwarzbier
  • Bronze: Chuckanut Brewery - Chuckanut Vienna Lager
Strong Lagers:
  • Gold: Gordon Biersch Seattle - Maibock
  • Silver: Riverport Brewing Co. - Bedrock Bock
  • Bronze: Anacortes Brewery - Mai-Oh-Maibock
German Hybrid Beers:
  • Gold: Chuckanut Brewery - Chuckanut Kolsch
  • Silver: White Bluffs Brewing - Red Alt
  • Bronze: American Brewing Co - American Blonde
Wheat and Rye Beers:
  • Gold: Stoup Brewing - Stoup Hefeweizen
  • Silver: Rainy Daze Brewing Co. - Rainy Rye IPA
  • Bronze: Gordon Biersch Seattle – Hefeweizen
American Light Ales:
  • Gold: Chuckanut Brewery - Chuckanut Yellow Card
  • Silver: Puyallup River Brewing - Cream Ale
  • Bronze: Valholl Brewing Co. LLC - Golden Warrior
Session Ales:
  • Gold: TripleHorn Brewing Co. - Enabler
  • Silver: Stoup Brewing - Stoup ISA
  • Bronze: Fremont Brewing Company - Session Pale Ale
English Ales:
  • Gold: Flyers Restaurant and Brewery - Humbles Blonde
  • Silver: Flyers Restaurant and Brewery - Barnstormer Brown
  • Bronze: Rainy Daze Brewing Co. - English Pale
British Strong Ales:
  • Gold: Silver City Brewery - Old Scrooge
  • Silver: Ten Pin Brewing - Snake Eyes Stout
  • Bronze: Sound Brewery - Old Scoundrel
Scottish Ales:
  • Gold: Silver City Brewery - Fat Scotch Ale
  • Silver: Paradise Creek Brewery - Scottish Stovepipe
  • Bronze: Old Rock Brewery - Misery Whip Scotch Ale
Irish Red Ales:
  • Gold: Loowit Brewing Company - Two-Sixteen Red Ale
  • Silver: Republic Brewing Company - Falligan's Irish Red
  • Bronze: Menace Brewing - Menace Self-Titled Red
Robust Porters:
  • Gold: Reuben's Brews - Robust Porter
  • Silver: Stoup Brewing - Stoup Porter
  • Bronze: Republic Brewing Company - Big Mischief Porter
Other Porters:
  • Gold: Kulshan Brewing Co - Trans-Porter
  • Silver: Skookum Brewery - Brown & Hairy
  • Bronze: American Brewing Co - Baltic Porter
Irish and British Stouts:
  • Gold: Fish Brewing Co. - Over & Out Oatmeal Stout
  • Silver: Wander Brewing - Correspondent Foreign Extra Stout
  • Bronze: Loowit Brewing Company - Shimmergloom Stout
American Stouts:
  • Gold: Elysian Brewing Company – Dragonstooth Stout
  • Silver: Odin Brewing Co. - Saga Stout
  • Bronze: Pike Brewing Company - Pike 5X Stout
Imperial Stouts:
  • Gold: Der Blokken - Double Black
  • Silver: Silver City Brewery - Imperial Stout
  • Bronze: Kulshan Brewing Co - Russian Imperial Stout
American Pale Ales:
  • Gold: Fremont Brewing Company - Summer Ale
  • Silver: Bale Breaker Brewing Company - Field 41 Pale Ale
  • Bronze: Elliott Bay Brewing Co. - Virgil Sunshine Session Ale
Other Pale Ales:
  • Gold: Ten Pin Brewing - Deadwood Pale Ale
  • Silver: Icicle Brewing Company - Bootjack IPA
  • Bronze: Rainy Daze Brewing Co. - Belgian Bastard
American Amber Ales:
  • Gold: River City Brewing Company - River City Red
  • Silver: Wander Brewing - Washington Uncommon California Common
  • Bronze: Standard Brewing - Wheated Red Ale
American Brown and Black Ales:
  • Gold: Populuxe Brewing - Cinderblock CDA
  • Silver: Harmon Brewing Co. - Black Tartan IPA
  • Bronze: Standard Brewing - Cascadian Dark Ale
American-Style India Pale Ales:
  • Gold: Old Schoolhouse Brewery - Renegade IPA
  • Silver: Bainbridge Island Brewing - Eagle Harbor IPA
  • Bronze: Old Schoolhouse Brewery - Ruud Awakening IPA
Imperial or Double India Pale Ales:
  • Gold: Rainy Daze Brewing Co. - Hypocrite Double IPA
  • Silver: Skookum Brewery - Mammoth Jack IPA
  • Bronze: Fremont Brewing Company - The Brother
American Barley Wines:
  • Gold: Fish Brewing Co. - 10-Squared Barley Wine
  • Silver: Elliott Bay Brewing Co. - Portside Barleywine
  • Bronze: TripleHorn Brewing Co. - BYGG VIN
Belgian Ales:
  • Gold: Bainbridge Island Brewing - Bainbridge Blonde
  • Silver: Valholl Brewing Co. LLC - Poulsbo Abbey Wit
  • Bronze: Propolis Brewing LLC – Litha
Abbey-Inspired Ales:
  • Gold: Sound Brewery - Tripel Entendre
  • Silver: Sound Brewery - Dubbel Entendre
  • Bronze: Sound Brewery - Entendez Noel
Belgian Strong Ales:
  • Gold: Kulshan Brewing Co - Hop Howdy
  • Silver: Airways Brewing Company - 3rd Anniversary
  • Bronze: Wingman Brewers – Stratofortress
Farmhouse Ales:
  • Gold: Hilliard's Beer - Saison
  • Silver: E9 Brewery - Farmhouse Quatre
  • Bronze: Kulshan Brewing Co - Saison Du Kulshan
Sour Beers:
  • Gold: E9 Brewery - Golden Berry Wild
  • Silver: E9 Brewery - Verre Violet
  • Bronze: Paradise Creek Brewery - Huckleberry Pucker
Fruit Beers:
  • Gold: Icicle Brewing Company - Colchuck Raspberry Wheat
  • Silver: Hopped Up Brewing Company - Lemon Quality Cream Ale
  • Bronze: Big Block Brewing - Raspberry Blonde
Spice, Herb, and Vegetable Beers:
  • Gold: Menace Brewing - Menace Chile Bravo
  • Silver: Puyallup River Brewing - Black Pumpkin Saison
  • Bronze: Northwest Brewing Company - Bad Panda Ginger Pale Ale
Specialty Beers:
  • Gold: Laht Neppur Brewing Co. - Spiced Peaches 'N' Cream Ale
  • Silver: Kulshan Brewing Co - Black Forest
  • Bronze: Wingman Brewers – Gratzer
Wood and Barrel Aged Beers:
  • Gold: Iron Goat Brewing - Gin BA Head Butt IPA
  • Silver: Strong Arm Brewing - Cincinnatus Rum Barrel Aged
  • Bronze: Puyallup River Brewing - Oak Aged Point Success Porter
Wood and Barrel Aged Strong Beers:
  • Gold: Skookum Brewery - Barren Wood
  • Silver: Iron Goat Brewing - BA Goatnik Russian Imperial Stout
  • Bronze: Elysian Brewing Company - The Dread
Washington Pro-Am Award:
  • Reuben's Brews and Dan Hansen - Cream Ale
Best Washington Agricultural Product Inspired Beer (Selected by the Washington Agricultural Commission): Big Block Brewing – The Boss
Small Brewery of the Year (Sponsored by the Washington Hop Commission): Gordon Biersch – Seattle
Large Brewery of the Year (Sponsored by Briess Malt and Ingredients): Kulshan Brewing Company
More on the Washington Beer Awards
The judging for the Washington Beer Awards was held on May 10th at Elliott Bay Public House & Brewery in Lake City.The panels of trained judges had to evaluate 460 beers from 75 breweries spanning nearly 100 styles from the Brewers Association Beer Style Guidelines for technical and stylistic excellence.
The competition was held with the endorsement of the Washington Beer Commission as a way to celebrate Washington’s growing brewing culture and recognize excellence in the craft.All of Washington’s craft breweries were invited to submit entries to the competition held in a similar format to other craft beer competitions like the Great American Beer Festival® and World Beer Cup®.
Two special awards, the Small and Large Breweries of the Year, were presented to breweries who won numerous medals in many categories.Gordon Biersch – Seattle took home the Small Brewery of the Year, by taking four medals including two golds.Kulshan Brewing Company from Bellingham won the Large Brewery of the Year by racking up five medals with two golds.
Additionally, the Washington Agricultural Commission held a special side judging of beers showcasing unique Washington agricultural products and selected Big Block Brewing’s “The Boss” to be the Best Washington Agricultural Product Inspired Beer.The beer is American Style Pale Ale showcasing farm fresh Raspberry honey.Reuben’s Brews won a special award in the “Pro-Am” category for their Cream Ale that was developed by Washington homebrewer Dan Hansen and scaled up for commercial production.
More information on the competition and the complete list of results can be found at for Washington’s award winning beers marked at your local craft beer bars and beer stores and get ready for the Washington Beer Awards to return in 2015 where new winners will be decided!
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