Brewery News: WA: Odin Brewing Company plans for expansion with move to Tukwila.

Tukwila - Started in 2010, Odin Brewing Company brewed its first beer in Seattle's South Park neighborhood. Odin, as the brewery is registered, is an homage to Nordic mythology. For owner / founder Dan Lee, that name has yielded successful growth in brewery's 5 years. As the brewery has continued to endorse orders from bars and grocery stores, the brewery has been forced to purchase larger fermenters and more kegs. This past week the brewery has confirmed they can no longer brew beer in South Park.

image sourced from Odin Brewing

“While we have experienced tremendous growth since our inception at our current location, we have become a victim of our own success and have outgrown the facility in South Park faster than we expected”, says Dan Lee, Owner & Founder. “Our production in 2014 is getting squeezed as we simply don’t have the physical space to meet the growth in demand. Our new home in Tukwila is going to afford us the space and facilities we need, in order to continue to grow successfully.”

At 5,000 square feet, the current address for Odin Brewing is too small. This will soon change, as the brewery moves operations from Seattle to Tukwila, with the assistance of the new locations city managers. Located at 402 Baker Boulevard and at 15,000 square feet, Odin's new location will accommodate a larger retail space & tasting room (1,500 sq. feet), as well as entertain brewery expansion.

Those who wish to visit the new location will have to wait, as Odin assembles the brewery in stages, starting with their retail operations. 

"The plans call for over 1500 sq. ft. of retail space, including an indoor patio located in the production hall. We will also enjoy a permanent outdoor patio and ample parking for our guests. The City of Tukwila has been very supportive of our move, and we are excited about becoming a permanent resident.”

About Odin Brewing

A Seattle based microbrewery, specializing in artfully balanced hand crafted beer designed to pair with your favorite foods – “Great Beer Designed with Great Food in Mind”.
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