Industry News: WA: Big Time Brewery's Drew Cluley wins 2nd consecutive Brouwer's Cafe Burger Battle

Seattle - On Wednesday, May 13th, Big Time Brewery - competing against breweries Almanac, Ninkasi, Schooner Exact, and Boneyard - took home it's second consecutive "Beer and Burger Battle" title. Featured alongside several Big Time beers, the Sloth burger beat out Ninkasi's 'kim chi' burger, Boneyard's 'top ramen' burger, Almanac's calf bacon burger, and Schooner Exact's "Smoke & The Bandit" burger; for 1st place.

More on how Big Time's Drew Cluely won out over his competition. 
"... we looked at the totals for both beers poured and burgers ordered, with slightly more weight placed on the burgers."

In the end Big Time sold more beer than 2nd place Ninkasi and more burgers than 3rd place Boneyard. It's worth mentioning that Big Time didn't sell more beer than Boneyard. But since this is a Beer AND Burger battle, they still managed a win by selling enough beer and burgers where it counted. 


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Start with 2 slices of Texas Toast, Pickle Aioli, Chicken Egg, White Cheddar Cheese, Bacon Jam, Burger, and finally Lettuce.

Special nod goes to all the brewers who collaborated with Brouwer's Cafe to make this year's Beer and Burger battle a memorable one.
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