Fort George has issued a reminder, to visit the nearest grocery store, to pick up a 12-ounce six-pack (or single) of Quick Wit Belgian-inspired Wit or Optimator India Pale Ale.

More on The Optimist India Pale Ale.

Simplicity being the ultimate in sophistication, The Optimist uses a concise recipe to showcase the providential union of organic 2-row barley with Centennial, Simcoe, and Calypso hops.  With a radiant golden body, bouyant head, and auspicious floral aroma, your glass will always be half-full.

image courtesy Fort George Brewingimage courtesy Fort George Brewing

More on Quick Wit

Quick Wit has been a Fort George regular from the beginning.  This unfiltered Belgianesque ale consists of organic 2-row barley and wheat malts.  Wit beer is traditionally brewed with orange zest, but Fort George chose to use local organic coriander, elderflower, and lemongrass to impart that citrus flavor.  No lemon wedge required.

Look for both of these on the shelves of grocery stores in Oregon and Washington. Starting next month, Idaho will receives cans of Optimator and Quick Wit, plus the rest of the Fort George family.

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