Opinion: Seattle Beer Week: Guide: You don't need my opinion

image of Dogfish Head's Sam sourced from our Flickr pageStarted in 2009, Seattle Beer Week established the mission of avoiding focusing on beers, exclusively, brewed in Seattle. Instead the 10 day celebration endorses the belief that healthy competition - through imbibing - spurs innovation. Which pretty much meant that many local breweries had to compete with the likes of Dogfish Head, Firestone Walker, Stone, or Sierra Nevada. So far I think the organizers (the Seattle Beer Collective) have succeeded, proving that the city of Seattle likes good beer, no matter where it's brewed.
For me I celebrated Seattle Beer Week by copying and pasting every event into our Calendar. As Seattle Beer Week grew this task took longer and longer with last-minute event additions becoming a challenge. 6 years later, I think it’s time I changed things up. I’ve been evolving from a voluntarily supporter of every business, promoting every event - to now only promoting those that promote themselves.
I’m done being a practicing beer chaser - reporting every event the Seattle Beer Collective imports. I feel that Seattle Beer Week and it's website have performed an admirable job, promoting these same businesses.  This also means I’m not listing 'our daily pick' or 'where you should go' stories. Instead I want you to practice that oldest of instincts, grazing. To get you started all you have to do is visit the web address listed here:
I think that there are enough beer events each day that you’ve already made your mind up to go or not. Just don't dick around too long, or else you'll miss the Brave Horse Dinners, the Black Raven's Dinner at The Burdunidian, or Scott Carsberg and 10 Barrel pairing together at The Pine Box.
Or do you think that I’m completely off-base?


But if you must know where I'll be, here are some hints:
  • The Sixgill
  • Naked City Brewery & Taproom
  • Elysian Brewery (in the Capitol Hill neighborhood)
  • Taphouse Grill (in Seattle)
  • Brouwer's Café
  • The Burgundian Tavern
  • Eureka Burger
  • The Yard Café
  • The Dray
  • Pine Box
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