Industry News: WA: Chef John Howie and Distiller Erik Liedholm announce the pending opening of Beardslee Alehouse (Restaurant & Brewery) and Wildwood Spirits Co.

image sourced from Beardless Alehouse's Facebook pageBothell - The John Howie Restaurant Group, owner of many restaurants including John Howie Steak, has announced the pending opening of their latest location “Beardslee Alehouse” in Bothell.

Currently under construction, the newest John Howie Group restaurant will focus on locally-sourced ingredients, as well as feature a nearby 10-barrel brewery, and distillery (featuring a 450-liter alembic pot still, one 150-liter rectification still, and one 20-plate column still).

image of owner and Chef John Howie sourced from Sea Star Restaurants

“We are thrilled to be coming to Bothell,” commented Proprietor/Chef John Howie. “We see great growth and opportunity in the Bothell area, and look forward to bringing our exceptional products and services to the city.”

Once completed, the restaurant will continue the John Howie tradition of demonstrating their “farm to table” philosophy.

Look for menu items featuring locally-ground meats , kitchen fresh bread, and “locker” where Chef will be aging charcuterie. Additional menu details include a focus on burgers, brats (bratwurst), flatbreads – with in-house charcuterie, cheese and pickled vegetables complimenting the meal.

image of Drew Cluley, courtesy our Flickr account.

The brewery, tentatively located at 19116 112th Ave NE in Bothell, will produce 12 to 13 craft beers for the restaurant, and managed by recent acquisition Drew Cluley. If Drew’s name sounds familiar it’s no coincidence. As of this story, Drew Cluley is slated to depart Big Time, where he has worked since 2011 before working at Pike for almost 10 years.

image sourced from Wildwood Spirits Co.At the helm of Wildwood Spirits, celebrated distiller Erik Liedholm will compliment Chef Howie’s by using “locally-sourced” ingredients from Washington state. Currently Erik plans on releasing a Gin (Kur Gin) and Vodka (Stark Vatten Vodka) once distillery construction has completed. Until then he is fermenting both his Gin and Vodka at the Michigan State University, where Master Distiller Dr. Kris Burglund is assisting with fine-tuning Erik’s award-winning Gin & Vodka.

For those looking for more beverage than food, the restaurant will feature both it’s house-brewed beers and guest beers from around the area – as well as a a tasting room reminiscent of an English apothecary, to showcase Wildwood Spirits.

Mill work, Edison bulbs and medicine bottles will help create the ambience, while settees and comfortable chairs will shape an inviting space for guests. The centerpiece of the tasting room will be a window that allows guests to view the beautiful copper stills. The equipment will be supplied from German still manufacturer, Christian Carl, whose exceptional quality is widely acclaimed.

Beardslee Alehouse & Wildwood Sprits Co. are scheduled to open, to the public, this September 2014.

About the John Howie Restaurant Group

The John Howie Restaurant Group includes John Howie Steak; Seastar Restaurant and Raw Bar, Bellevue; Seastar Restaurant and Raw Bar, Seattle;SPORT Restaurant and Bar; Adriatic Grill Italian Cuisine & Wine Bar; Beardslee Alehouse; and Wildwood Spirits Co.. Chef Howie also recently released the cookbook Passion & Palate: Recipes for a Generous Table. Chef Howie has been honored with an invitation to cook at the prestigious James Beard House in New York City on five separate occasions, represents Washington state annually at the Super Bowl in The Taste of the NFL, is a repeat guest at the Epcot Food & Wine Festival, and has been a guest chef on Celebrity, Holland America, and Radisson Cruises. Chef Howie's restaurants have received multiple awards for their philanthropic and community involvement, which has provided over $4,500,000 to the national and local charitable organizations they support.

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