Charity Preview: WA: 4/20 9:30am–2pm Feet First teams up with Two Beers Brewing & Latona Pub

On April 20th, Feet First, a charity centered on motor-less transportation, is holding their fourth annual "The Great Beer Hike".

Since 2001, Feet First has worked to ensure that all communities in Washington are walkable. Walking is a vital transportation mode that connects communities, reduces pollution, improves health and physical fitness, and allows people to explore their natural environment.

image "Waiting for the flood (3/4)" sourced, through Creative Commons, from jazamarripae's Flickr accountIn the past 4 years The Great Beer Hike has demonstrated that beer can be delivered in something other than a minivan or refrigerated truck. Like previous years, each brewery is encouraged to deliver their keg of beer by hand truck, by bicycle, or even by boat. This year the organizers, Feet First, are looking for volunteer to help carry Two Beers' Amber Ale from Seattle's South Downtown to the Latona Pub.

Volunteers from Feet First will deliver the final keg—Hand Truckin' Amber Ale—after a 10 mile walk from Two Beers Brewery in SODO to Latona Pub in Green Lake. A midway stop at Zeeks Pizza in Belltown for lunch will keep participants' energy and spirits high.

Culminating at Latona Pub, The Great Beer Hike will benefit Feet First. If you're interested in volunteering to carry Two Beers' Amber Ale, you are encouraged to contact or call (206) 652-2310. Please RSVP in advance at or

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