Industry News: WA: Four Seasons' ART Restaurant announces Never Trust a Skinny Chef. A "house beer" from NW Peaks Brewing

Want to prove that you know beer in the Northwest then answer this question. Do you know what a house beer is? If you answered a beer featured in pub or grocery store, with the establishment's logo prominently featured, but brewed from a local brewery; you would be correct. If you didn't know a "house beer" is a beer brewed from a local brewery then I invite you to visit places like Brave Horse Tavern, Beveridge Place Pub, the Dog & Pony Alehouse, or ART Restaurant. 

Starting today ART Restaurant is proud to feature the latest "house beer", produced by a local brewery, featured prominently in a 24 ounce glass. "Never Trust a Skinny Chef" is a Northwest Pale Ale, produced exclusively for ART Restaurant by Ballard's NW Peaks Brewing. 
“There are so many great micro-breweries in our backyard. We wanted to have a beer that is distinctly Seattle and would go well with our market-to-ART cuisine and 55 Locals spirits program,” says ART Restaurant Executive Chef Kerry Sear. A beer for connoisseurs and non-beer drinkers alike, the ale pairs well with many dishes on the menu, from the eggs Benedict for breakfast to the fish and chips for lunch and miso cod and scallops for dinner."
Want to prove Chef Sear wrong? Stop into ART Restauant today.

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