Festival Preview: WA: 3/17 - 4/4 Latona Pub reminds you to fill out your IPA Final Four brackets before Wednesday 3/19

Reminder to everyone who loves that bitterest of beers, the India Pale Ale. Tomorrow The Latona Pub will reset their taps to feature three beers per week, with a simple rule - the first to empty moves onto the next round. If you're scratching your head I would advise against it. The object of Latona's IPA Final Four is to celebrate the most popular beer featured during the festival.

To download your bracket, go here. After downloading, printing, and filling out; you are encouraged to drop it off before the Wednesday 3/19/2014 deadline.

We received from co-owner Elliott Ryan the following Brewery list with their submitted beer:

Group 1 Tapping 3/17

  • Port Townsend IPA
  • Anacortes IPA
  • Boundary Bay IPA

Group 2 Tapping 3/21

  • Breakside Wanderlust IPA
  • Boulevard RPM IPA
  • Good Life Descender IPA

Group 3 Tapping 3/24

  • 7 Seas Rude Parrot IPA
  • Sound Latona IPA
  • Engine House #9 IPA

Group 4 Tapping 3/28

  • Port Wipeout IPA
  • Black Raven Trickster IPA
  • Georgetown Lucille IPA


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