Cider Release: OR: Get It Now … Cider Riot Plastic Paddy Cider

image courtesy Cider RiotIt’s not every day you hear that someone has released a cider (let alone any other alcoholic beverage) in a 2 liter bottle. That’s right, Cider Riot, has released their Plastic Paddy in a 4.2 pint (or 67 ounce) bottle. But I wouldn’t advise drinking this all by yourself.

With a core focus on using heirloom apples, cidermaker Abram Goldman-Armstrong sought to replicate the ciders he enjoyed in Cork, Ireland.

“American dessert apples lack the characteristic tannins of European cider apples, so in order to replicate the flavor profile of a dry Irish cider, we use Barry’s Gold Blend tea from County Cork to infuse the cider with just enough tannins to balance the natural acids of the Hood River dessert apples used to make it.”

Plastic Paddy could best be described as a loyal translation to the 2-liter Irish flagon, which was the preferred vessel for serving at picnics. Recently released to the Portland-area market, Plastic Paddy is available now until the end of April


About Cider Riot

Cider Riot! is an urban cidery located in Portland’s North Tabor neighborhood just off East Burnside Street, dedicated to the production of refreshing dry ciders. Cider Riot! was founded in 2013 by Abram Goldman-Armstrong, after 18 years as a home cidermaker and home brewer. Abram has collaborated with several craft breweries to create such well-known beers as Widmer Brothers Green and Gold Kölsch, and Hopworks Secession. Cider Riot!’s dry ciders are currently available on draft, and 500ml glass bottles will be available in April.

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