Brewery News: WA: Scuttlebutt Old #1 Barley Wine takes 1st at Coles Barleywine Competition

image sourced from Scuttlebutt Brewing Co.This writer recognizes that the region (known as the Pacific Northwest) is not flush with exclusive imbibers, loyal to locally-brewed beer. Some would argue it’s our lust for India Pale Ales and local breweries are struggling to keep up. Maybe that’s why we Oregonians (or Washingtonians, or Idahoans) have so few medals to boast our brewing enthusiasm, because the beer never leaves the states. But for now I will hold off my belly-aching, with the news that Scuttlebutt Old #1 Barley Wine beat out 35 other Barleywines, in this year's Cole's Barleywine Competition.

Final results placed Scuttlebutt in 1st place, followed by Red Brick Brewing for their Beard Envy, and Stone Brewing for their 2014 edition Old Guardian. Honorable Mention goes to Florida's Cigar City for their Legacy.

In fact the brewery from Everett beat the likes of breweries like:

  • Deschutes Brewery
  • Alesmith Brewing
  • Stone Brewing
  • Boulder Brewing
  • Rogue Brewing
  • Elysian Brewing


About Scuttlebutt Brewing Company

My wife, knowing that I never wanted to run out of beer, gave me a homebrewing kit for Father’s Day 1990. As thoughtful as the gift was, it was also a source of strife - she wanted to use the kitchen for preparing meals for the family while I was crowding her out in favor of homemade beer. To maintain our marital bliss we decided to move out of the kitchen and into a larger operation. A business plan was established in 1995 and we grew our operation from 5 gallon buckets to a 20 barrel system.

We brewed our first beer on July 4, 1996 with a 20 barrel system in the brew house, two 20 barrel fermenters and one 20 barrel bright tank. We brewed three styles of beer and finished out that first year with 170 barrels sold. Since then our capacity has grown and we have broadened our product line to include more than 20 styles of hand-crafted ales. In 2006 it became clear that our original location at the waterfront would no longer support the kind of growth we were experiencing. In the summer of ’06 we found a new building and began the necessary work to turn a warehouse into a production brewery. With construction complete in the winter of ’07 we moved the brew house and commenced brewing on April 1, 2007. Our brewery went from 2500 square feet to 8100 square feet in a facility which will support many years of growth.

In 2011, with the help of our many loyal customers, we should reach nearly 6000 barrels sold... the rough equivalent of 12,000 full kegs, 336,000 six packs, or 186,000 gallons of beer.

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