Beer Release: WA: Coming Soon ... The 2nd Nail Green Apple Cider Weiss. The Pine Box's 2nd Anniversary beer from 10 Barrel Brewing

image courtesy 10 Barrel BrewingWhat word or words come to mind when this writer mentions hybrid? If you said a Toyota Prius, I would confirm your lack of imagination. I'm actually talking about a hybrid beer.

Historically there aren't too many hybrid beers. And beer cocktails don’t count. Rather, I’m asking you to recall the last time you had a beer fermented with another type of beverage (e.g. cider, spirit, wine)? In fact the last time I learned of a hybrid beer was Graff(t) from Two Beers, Seattle Cider Company, and New Belgium. Which is why, next Thursday, The Pine Box is set to release The 2nd Nail Green Apple Cider Weiss, their 2nd Anniversary ale.

What's a Green Apple Cider Weiss? Funny you should ask.

A collaboration with The Pine Box to celebrate their 2nd anniversary. We came up with the idea for the recipe sitting with Ian and Dean at the bar and fermented Granny Smith apples from Tieton cider company with our German Berliner Weiss to create our new beer style. Drumroll, please... Green Apple Cider Weiss. How do you like them apples?

imageAt 5.50% Alcohol by Volume, this beer won't lay siege to your sobriety. But it will dent your resolve a little. Stop into The Pine Box (1600 Melrose Ave Seattle, WA), March 20th, to try a glass or pick up a limited edition bottle.


About 10 Barrel Brewing

We brew into a 10 Barrel Brewhouse, giving us the freedom to experiment with our recipes in order to produce the highest quality of beer that we can.  This isn’t just any 10 Barrel brewhouse though, it’s a state of the art system that allows us to blend new technology with the tradition of craft fundamentals.  In other words we can’t produce a TON of beer, but we can make it the highest quality.

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