image sourced from Dogfish Head's websiteFruit beers? Ever heard of a fruit beer? This writer is sure that you've heard of cider. But you've probably never heard of a fruit beer - a beer aged with fruit. Dogfish Head hopes to be your first experience and memory with the re-release of their Aprihop American IPA.

Hearing it from Dogfish Head's brewers, they describe Aprihop as an "... American IPA brewed with Pilsner and Crystal malts. It's massively hopped -- in the continuous fashion, of course! -- and the flavor is complemented by the addition of apricots."

After the beer has finished fermenting, the brewery will use a process called dry-hopping, where the brewery will add an "irresponsible amounts of Amarillo hops." This contributes to the aroma and when combined with the apricots makes for an interesting beer.

The flavor is rich with late hop notes, and its bitterness is tempered by just the right amount of malt sweetness and fruity undertones from the apricots.

Starting today, look for 12 ounce bottles of this seasonal, throughout the Northwest, thru May.


About Dogfish Head Craft Brewed Ales

Ever since the summer of 1995, we have been brewing, cooking, selling and talking everything beer. It's our pasttime, our passion, our life. Since the beginning, we have always wanted to bring original beer, great food and local music to the Rehoboth Beach area.

After a couple of years, no matter what we did, we could not keep up with the demands of our beer, our food and our entertainment. We built a bigger and better brewhouse (in Rehoboth Beach, DE - on the Avenue) and that's where Dogfish Head Brewings & Eats is housed! Yum!

With brewing, distributing, cooking, entertaining happening all in one building on the Avenue in Rehoboth, we eventually outgrew the brew house and moved the entire production brewery to Milton, Delaware. To keep things interesting and off-centered, we built a distillery in the upstairs of the Rehoboth Brewhouse so we could make vodka, rum and gin.

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