Anniversary Planner: WA: 3/4 11am Bottleworks celebrates 15th Anniversary with Lost Abbey & Tomme Arthur

image sourced from Bottleworks' websiteThis Tuesday, March 4th, Bottleworks is commemorating their 15th Anniversary in Wallingford.

Owned by Matt Vandenberghe, this anniversary (when compared to others) is philosophically important, given the numeric-significance. In the past 15 years Bottleworks has remained a destination for craft beer devotees, while still preserving its boutique repute. Unlike today, the number of grocers exclusively selling beer was limited. In fact it’s easy to assume that without Bottleworks the number of specialty beer stores in the region would be much smaller.

But the bottleshop at 1710 North 45th Street  #3 has also set itself apart with its vintage beers, and limited edition ‘house’ beers, each brewed by a local or regional brewery. Since 1999 Bottleworks has collaborated with established brewers (e.g. Tom Munoz, Dick Cantwell, or Peter Bouckaert ) while recognizing up and comers like Patrick Rue or Vinnie Cilurzo. And much like the bottle shops mission statement, these beers are great fresh but can be aged to unlock new and interesting characteristics.

image sourced from Bottleworks' website

Why not relive the first 15 years of Bottleworks by stopping by 1710 North 45th Street, and pick up a few bottles of this year’s Anniversary beer, brewed by Tomme Arthur. Much like previous years, Bottleworks will produce a limited number of bottles for sale. But if you prefer you’re more than welcome to purchase a few bottles (limit 12 per person) on your way out, after trying the beer on draft. Cost per bottle (750ml) is $20.


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