Open House: OR: 2/15 11am - 4pm Oregon breweries open their doors for Zwickelmania

There are three types of beer drinkers; there's the newbie, there's the experienced, and there's the aspiring brewer. It's a simplied classification but these are the type of explorers who visit breweries and pubs throughout the world. But let's break them down individually.

Newbie. Probably drinks a light-lager like Budweiser, MGD, Coors Banquet Beer, Ranier, or Olympia. On rare occasion they will consume a Widmer Hefeweizen, a Henry Weinhardt's, or a Bridgeport Blue Heron. Overall they subscribe to the belief that India Pale Ale's are "bitter", Belgian beers are too "floral", and that Alaskan Amber is an "Amber" (when in fact it's an Alt Bier).

Experienced. This is someone that eschews the opportunity to consume a cold light-lager but won't turn down a free can or bottle of Full Sail, Manny's Pale Ale, or Stone Arrogant Bastard. Generally they frequently visit the nearest grocery stor or bottleshop in search of the newest beers. Whenever they stop into a pub they insist on trying beers that they haven't had before. They aren't prone to avoiding the question "what's your favorite beer?". 

Aspiring Brewer. This is someone that consumed enough beers that friends value their opinion. They are the most likely to have a carboy tucked underneath a sink or resting in a garage. This is someone that continually hands you a non-descript brown bottle and asks the question "what do you think of this?". Overall this person would love to start their own brewery but either lacks the capitol or cannot afford to leave their job. 

Why is this distinction important?

2014 President’s Day weekend, Oregon breweries and brewpubs will open their doors to visitors for the state’s 6th annual Zwickelmania. Zwickelmania, is a free statewide event that offers visitors a chance to tour Oregon breweries, meet the brewers and sample your favorite beers.Share your experience on Twitter and Instagram using the #zwickel14 hashtag.
For the Newbie beer drinker this is an opportunity for you to see how beer's made, to try something different, or just hang out with friends at a brewery. For the Experienced, you will have an opportunity to ask a brewer some hard hitting questions about their beer, see the inside of a brewery for the first time, or simply grab a pint of something you've never had before. Finally the Aspiring Brewer will appreciate the chance to see the insides of a brewery while asking questions about what a brewer does every day (including materials and equipment). No matter which type of beer drinker you are, there's something for everyone.

Plan your day accordingly.

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