Introducing The Bitter Half. Opinions from the X chromosome.

The beer industry has a perception problem. No we aren’t talking about the lack of ‘session’ beers or a lack of aromatic India Pale Ales. Rather this writer’s talking about the general perception that women are not beer drinkers. Despite the prevalence of women at beer festivals and other events, there’s still this idea that women don’t enjoy IPAs, let alone drink something sour or ‘Belgiany’. Personally I think that this is a flawed sentiment.

But given my gender, I don’t think I’m qualified to dispute the opinion. Rather I’ve asked someone who is qualified, namely a woman, to share her thoughts on the matter of beer.

Introducing Lisa Orchard, a woman and one who could tell you a thing or two about a beer. As someone who has been to numerous beer festivals, beer dinners, and the occasional happy hour – Lisa is qualified to provide a woman’s voice as it relates to beer.

Starting tomorrow you can anticipate a shared opinion about everything from beer to food.


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