Festival Preview: WA: 2/9 Pike Brewing Chocofest reminds you that charities pair well with food & drink

image sourced from Pike Brewing's Events websiteLike that elephant ear at the fair or another trip through the buffet line - there are things that you should probably avoid but won't. Like that fair-produced elephant ear or that extra helping of sweet & sour pork, Valentine's Day can leave you with an upset stomach.

No, this writer isn't addressing the stress that is inherited when one forgets to get that bouquet of flowers or that small box of chocolates. Instead I'm addressing that sensation you get, after another year spent at Pike Brewing's Chocofest. But that sensation, which inspires you to loosen your belt is a good thing.

Starting at 6pm, Pike Brewing (1415 1st Avenue) is pleased to announce the resurrection of their all-you-can-eat (but not all-you-can-drink), gastrofest. Like previous year's, this event pairs local restaurants & confectioners (and their dishes) against local wines, beers, ciders, and spirits. The experience should remind people that Valentine's Day is less about the traditional flowers or chocolate. Instead it should inspire people to enjoy the company of others, over a wonderful meal or warming glass of bourbon.

image sourced from Pike Brewing's Events website

Then again the event has an ulterior motive to support local charity Puget Sound Soundkeeper Alliance.

Founded in 1984 as the Puget Sound Alliance (PSA), PSA was the first grassroots citizens’ organization to focus exclusively on protecting the marine environment of Puget Sound. Initially, PSA fought successfully for secondary wastewater treatment at West Point in Seattle and a Puget Sound Management Plan. In 1990, following the successful model of the Hudson Riverkeeper in New York, PSA launched the 6th licensed Waterkeeper program in the nation when it hired its first Puget Soundkeeper and began patrolling the waters of the Sound by boat.

Renamed Puget Soundkeeper Alliance (Soundkeeper) in 1992, the organization was a founding member of the international Waterkeeper Alliance, a national movement founded by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Today, Waterkeeper Alliance and its member organizations are the fastest growing environmental movement in the world with over 200 licensed Waterkeepers on six continents.

For more information, including tickets and up-to-date event information, head over to Pike Brewing's website.


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