Festival Preview: WA: 2/22 12pm-5pm Washington brewers open their doors for WA Beer Open House

Starting at 12pm, running through 5pm, breweries throughout Washington celebrate local beer, with the Washington Beer Open House. Similar to Oregon's Zwickelmania, this Saturday encourages those willing to brave the elements (and traffic) to get acquainted with their local brewery. With over 70 breweries participating, there is definitely a glut of beers to choose from.


Historically an event like this showcases not only the beers you see throughout your town, but also beers only available at the brewery. Plus for a few of the participating locations it's an opportunity to enjoy some snacks, entrees, or dessert. 


So rather than bore you with mini-biographies for each brewery, I will do the 'copy-past thing and let you use your smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer to select a brewery.


Airways Brewing

American Brewing

Bainbridge Island Brewing

Bale Breaker Brewing

Black Raven Brewing

Boundary Bay Brewery

Brickyard Brewing

Chuckanut Brewery

Der Blokken Brewery

Diamond Knot Brewery

Diamond Knot Brewpub

Diamond Knot Camano

Diamond Knot Pizza House

Diamond Knot Production

Dick’s Brewing

Dirty Bucket Brewing

Elliott Bay Public House

Elysian Brewery

Epic Ales

Foggy Noggin Brewing

Fremont Brewing

Geaux Brewing

Hale’s Ales Pub

Harmon Tap Room

Herbert B. Friendly

Hi-Fi Brewing

Hilliard’s Beer

Hopped Up Brewing

Icicle Brewing

Iron Goat Brewing

Iron Horse Brewery

Issaquah Brewhouse

Justice Brewing

Kulshan Brewing Co

Lazy Boy Brewing

Loowit Brewing

Machine House Brewery

Maritime Pacific Brewing

McMemanins Six Arms

McMenamins Mill Creek

McMenamins Columbia

Middleton Brewing

Mt. Tabor Brewing

No-Li Brewhouse

Northwest Peaks Brewery

Northwest Sausage & Deli

Odin Brewing

Orlison Brewing

Pike Brewing

Ramblin’ Road Brewery

Redhook Brewery

Reuben’s Brews

River City Brewing

Anacortes Brewery

Rooftop Brewing

Schooner EXACT Brewing
Scuttlebutt Brewing

Seapine Brewing

Silver City Brewery

Slaughter County Brewing

Slippery Pig Brewery

Spinnaker Bay Brewing

Stoup Brewing

Tacoma Brewing
Tin Dog Brewing

Triplehorn Brewing

Twelve Bar Brews

Two Beers Brewing
Valholl Brewing

White Bluffs Brewing

Wingman Brewers

Yakima Craft Brewing


Choose wisely and above all know your limits. I don't want to hear about you on the evening news.