Brewery News: OK: Mustang Brewery parodies Seahawks NFC Championship win.

Anyone who's lived in or around Seattle, for the past 20 years, can recall their favorite Seattle Supersonics moment. 

Some might recall the 'Reign Man' Shawn Kemnp's numerous dunks, "The Glove" Gary Payton's steals and assists, or coach George Karl's outbursts during games. Or maybe they recall the playoff appearances, the season when the Sonics had the winningest record - only to lose to the Denver Nuggets, or that triumphant year that they made it to the Championship - only to lose to Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. But that's all in the past.

So why is a brewery, based in Oklahoma City, parodying the Seattle Seahawks?

Keep in mind this is NOT a real shirt. But this hasn't stopped some 20+ people from Seattle, from putting in a bid for one.

If you want to share your two cents we've included a link to their Facebook page.

It's worth mentioning the comments, which started supportive of Mustang Brewery's parody, have since taken a turn for the worse. 


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