Beer Release: WA: Get It Now … Boundary Bay Not Shawn’s Saison

image sourced from Bounday Bay Brewery & Bistro's websiteChange is good, change can be scary, and change can sometimes surprise you. The current sentiment this writer is feeling, regarding Boundary Bay’s Galbraith Mountain series beers, is surprised. Most of the surprise is derived from the beers the brewery has produced. And I think that Not Shawn’s Saison is is another welcome surprise from the brewery that has give us Cabin Fever and India Pale Ale.

image sourced from Bounday Bay Brewery & Bistro's websiteIn the style of a traditional Belgian, Farmhouse Saison, “Not Shawn’s Saison” is a balanced, dry, crisp, and memorable beer. At 6% ABV, it is a truly sessionable ale. It is brite as crystal and a mellow, golden-orange color and is never filtered. We gave this brew a little extra time and cellar-love to allow for the lemon, bubblegum, and melon aromas and superbly balanced, continental malt characters to fully develop. Styrian Golding noble hops harmonize incredibly well with the biscuit and grain flavors from pilsner malt. With a slight tang and just a touch of spicy rye malt and lemony citrus notes from New Zealand Pacific Gem Hops, this beer is complex, smooth, and refreshing – and leaves you wanting another! Let it warm a little in the glass to release even more of Not Shawn’s special aromas and flavors.

As someone that already enjoyed this beer, at this year’s Belgianfest, I think you won’t be disappointed. Take a drive up North (or South for those from British Columbia) and wrap your digits around a glass of Not Shawn’s Saison.


About Boundary Bay Brewery

We are a locally and independently owned craft brewery and we opened our doors in September of 1995 in a restored, historic warehouse right in the heart of downtown Bellingham, WA.

From the beginning we knew that we wanted to make the kinds of beers that we liked to drink: big, bold Northwest brews. We began producing award-winning handcrafted beers and quickly became a place where the locals love to go.

We believe strongly in local economy and in keeping our community vibrant and healthy! To that end, we partner with at least 15 local suppliers/farmers to create a menu of fun, fresh Northwest pub food and help support over 100 local non profits annually.

We are all about community...both in this wonderful little town we live in and online. So thank you for being here. For joining us in our mission to Save The Ales!

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