image courtesy Big Time Brewery & Alehouse
Starting at 11:30am, February 4th, the Big Time Brewery is set to release Whiny the Complainer Triple India Pale Ale.

But before you grab your wallet and head to the Alehouse (4133 University Way NE, Seattle, WA), do you identify with the following words?
  • stalk·er. noun a person who stealthily hunts or pursues an animal or another person
  • fa·nat·ic. noun a person filled with excessive and single-minded zeal, esp. for an extreme religious or political cause.
If either of the terms inspire an urge to slouch a little bit more and speak a little bit quieter - then you already identify with those whom seek out beers like WTC. 

But if you are expecting an alcoholic juggernaut, strapped with so much hops that only a skin graft will restore your palate, think again. This year Drew Cluley (head brewer at Big Time) paired back the alcohol by reducing the amount of malt in the recipe. The result is a beer that weighs in at 9.40% while bringing more focus on the hops.
For this version we reigned in the alc./ vol. a wee bit, bring it in at 9.4%. This allows the hops to shine through a bit more. We used 3.4 lbs of hops per barrel, varieties include Amarillo, Cascade, Centennial, Chinook, Columbus, Galaxy and Simcoe. OG 24.2 Plato, TG 6.3 Plato.
Visit the brewery starting today to get your hands on a 12 ounce glass or 22 ounce bottle (1 of only 240 available).


About Big Time Brewery
The Big Time is the oldest brewpub in Washington State having opened its doors on December 7th 1988. Big Time is celebrating its 24th year of serving quality craft beer to beer aficionados in the University District of Seattle. 4133 University Way, Seattle 98105
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