image courtesy Fort George BrewingThis writer is going to level with you for a moment - Valentine's Day has become a holiday associated with masculine failure.

Men know what I'm talking about. If you forget a bouquet of flowers, you sleep on the couch. Whoops, I forgot the box of chocolates. Sorry, but Mr. Sniffles will be sleeping on the comforter. Valentine's Day is a holiday that a majority of men out there would just assume rot and die.

But did I mention that you can just as easily put your significant on the very same couch? Then again this isn't about who forgot to get who a gift. This a holiday that is about celebrating an attraction to the same or opposite sex. This a holiday where everyone ends the evening on a positive note.

Which is why I'm suggesting something where you can enjoy chocolate and (potentially) wake up next to that special someone.

I'm talking about the Festival of Dark Arts which returns this February 15th. And yes I'm aware it's the day after V-Day.

image courtesy Fort George BrewingDarkness falls upon Astoria every winter…and stout lovers rejoice.

On Saturday February 15th, from 2pm-10pm, all areas of the Fort George block will be overflowing with dark art, darker entertainment, and the darkest selection of craft beer ever assembled.***

With stout in hand, feast your senses on the Dark Art Gallery, on-site tattoo artistry, belly dancing, tarot card reading, and tintype photography.  Warm yourself by the blacksmith forge, glass blower’s kiln, and fire dancers.  An attempt to break the Guiness World Record for fire swallowing will take place.  Live music will play all day.  And wherever you go, rare stouts will await you.

Admission is free, however a new mug ($10) and tasting tokens ($1 each) are required for stout sampling.  New this year, Fort George is offering a Ticket to Darkness.  Skip the cashier lines and get right to the stout!

Check out the great Dark Arts Teaser, made by Charlie Herrin The Beer Traveler, at   You can also purchase your Ticket to Darkness and see the immense (and growing) stout list.  Be forewarned: stout will stain your clothes and hotels will fill up.  Book your rooms now and bring a dark shirt.

***With 55 unique varieties, this will be the largest collection of specialty stouts in the Northwest, in February, at a Festival of Dark Arts, EVER

Before you hit that comment button, I'm aware that was complete plagiarism (aka, “copy-paste”)  of the brewery’s Press Release. But they sent me a copy. Plus I couldn’t say it any better.

If you haven't already reserved a hotel I would advise doing so now! Already there are rumors circulating that many bed and breakfasts are confirming lack of vacancies. Do yourself a favor and make plans to get to Astoria, this February 15th.


About Fort George George Brewing

The Fort George Brewery & Public House was the original settlement site of Astoria founded in March 1811 by Captain Jonathan Thorn. In its heyday, Astoria was the Pacific Fur Company’s primary fur trading post in the Northwest. Under temporary British Authority, it was renamed Fort George after King George the Third. In 1924, the Fort George building was erected to house a Ford service station and remained an automotive repair facility until the late 1990’s. Briefly abandoned and sadly neglected, we have revitalized the Fort George building producing beer here on site.  We hope this brewery will respond and adjust to your thirsts, as we believe in beer that evolves depending on the palates of the people who drink it.  We strive to use the freshest most locally obtainable ingredients and our beers are never filtered, fined or clarified.  We the brewers aim to constantly raise our standards to make you the greatest pint of beer you’ve had today.
We aim to operate a public house that is open and welcoming to all that may gather together, enjoy fresh local food and beer served with enthusiasm and a commitment to quality.  We take three days off a year, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Labor Day, but otherwise we are open to serve. Please return often for great meals, outstanding beers and good company.
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