Event Planner: WA: 1/18 12pm Narrows Brewing invites you to watch them collaborate and brew a beer.

Ask any person, holding a beer in their hand, what their favorite beer is and they won't have an answer. Ask them what their favorite brewery is and they might be able to supply you a list. Ask them their least favorite brewery and they will spend the rest of the day describing why they loath it. In any industry where reputation is spoken or written down it's easy to impugn or applaud at will.

For those of us who seek out the exciting or the well-regarded beer, we are easily convinced whenever someone speaks their mind - good or bad. But what would you say if I told you that there is an opportunity for you to stop hypothesizing what goes into making a beer and instead watch it happen before your eyes? Would you be interested? More importantly, would it change your perspective on hating / loving a brewer's beer?

Starting with a recipe for a Black Belgian India Pale Ale, Narrows Brewing Company is collaborating with "... Engine House No. 9, Pacific Brewing & Malting Co., Harmon Brewing Company, Ram Restaurant & Brewery, Tacoma Brewing Company and Wingman Brewers." Once completed, each brewery will take home a few kegs - used to generate funds for a nearby charity.

With doors opening at noon, on January 18th, Narrows Brewing Company (9007 S 19th Street Tacoma, WA) is collaborating with six local breweries - and you're invited.

Besides watching a batch of beer being made, you will be invited to sample beers from many of the participating breweries.

Unfortunately like many things fun this event concludes six hours later. See you there.


About Narrows Brewing Company

Narrows Brewing Company is committed to crafting quality beer inspired by the region. Located at Tacoma’s historic Narrows Marina, Narrows Brewing Company’s brewery and taproom boasts scenic views of the Puget Sound and Tacoma’s iconic Narrows Bridges. Come by land or by sea and enjoy from a selection of six uniquely crafted, Tacoma-local beers.

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