Brewery News: OR: Introducing the Breakside Brewery Cellar Reserve club

image from Breakside BreweryTo quote a familiar phrase "membership has its privileges". Those whom have associated this with the American Express credit card are correct. This is however applicable to pretty much any membership. Whether it's a membership to the local grocery store, the nearby liquor megastore, or even gym - membership has its perks.

Breakside Brewery recognizes the value of membership - which is why they are announcing the "Cellar Reserve" club.

Limited to 80 people, a $200 entry fee includes the following things.

  • 2 Cellar Reserve exclusive stemware glasses
  • 2014 Cellar Reserve T­-shirt
  • First right of refusal for next year's membership
  • Invitations to two Private Cellar Club release events in July and December
  • Free entry to the 2014 Breakside Anniversary Party in May
  • 2 x 5 different Barrel-aged beers (each release includes (2) 750 ml bottles per release, additional purchases available if the yield permits) to be released throughout the year. Cellar Reserve Member beers bottled for 2014 will ONLY be sold through this program and will not be available at retail (except for the odd keg or two for special events)

Obviously the brewery will be releasing beers, which members get early access to.

  • May/June 2014     "Ansatz" Bourbon, as Barrel-aged Smoked Bock
  • Between July & September 2014     "Apollo & Dionysus" Gin Barrel­-Aged Sour Saison w Flowers
  • Between July & September 2014     "Habitus" Gin Barrel­-Aged Triple IPA
  • Between October & December 2014     "Jouissance" Barrel-­Aged Wild Beer
  • Between October & December 2014 "Bricolage" Barrel-­Aged Sour Fruit Beer

Not only do you get early access to the beers listed above, but are entitled to a 15% discount on the above beer as well as the following.

  • Rye Barrel­-Aged Barleywine
  • Bourbon Barrel­-Aged Aztec Ale
  • Bourbon Barrel­-ged Baltic Porter with Cacao Nibs
  • Rye Barrel­-Aged Belgian Strong Dark Ale
  • TBD Bourbon Barrel-­Aged Beer

Now for the fine print.

Cellar Reserve Memberships open to individuals over the age of 21 only, and must be picked up in person by the member or a designated mule. If you reside outside of the Portland area and decide to purchase a Cellar Reserve Membership make sure to designate an Oregon Mule or you are responsible for picking up your allocation which will be held at the Milwaukie, OR brewery until December 31, 2014, at which point it is forfeit. No shipping or refunds.

If your still interested, I would invite you swing by the brewery starting December 21st.


About Breakside Brewing

Breakside Brewery is the invention of Scott Lawrence and Tony Petraglia. Some mutual friends introduced the two after learning they both had a desire to leave their corporate jobs in order to pursue their dream of BEER. They jumped in head first and committed their minimal financial resources and made it happen.

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