Beer Release: BC: Coming Soon ... Fernie Belgian India Pale Ale. Another Bucket List beer for your collection.

image sourced from Fernie Brewing Co.If you've been following the goings-on at FBC then you have already sipped and swallowed their Rockpile Red IPA. Released with the tag IPA Bucket List, this beer was well received by fans of hops. But Fall is on it's last legs and soon the official start of Winter will be upon us. All the more reason for Fernie to release another Bucket List IPA.

Coming in January (2014) Fernie Brewing Co. releases their Belgian IPA.

"“Combining the traditional Belgian IPA style, with some of the newest hop varietals from Australia and New Zealand,” says Demaniuk. Snowblind Belgian IPA delivers another truly original brew experience, coming in at 68 IBU and 7.9% ... "

In the meantime you are welcome to pick up a 650ml bottle of Fernie, served up in many of the provincial liquor stores.


About Fernie Brewing Co.

The Fernie Brewing Co. Store is open 9AM – 5PM Monday – Friday, as well as Saturday 21st, 28th & 4th 12-5PM. Daily deals are posted on their website, alongside opening hours, tour times and how to book, online store promo codes and full product information.

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