Event Preview: OR: 11/9 Saraveza hosts Feste de Peche, a celebration of peaches in beer and cider

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Of all the fruits in the orchard the peach can be considered a fruit for those with an acquired taste. Some say the apricot or plum requires more dedication. But to this writer it’s definitely the peach.

Which is probably why there are so few peach ciders and beers, while there is a plethora of cherry beers and ciders.

Not one to endorse intimidation,  Saraveza is hosting an event celebrating the peach-colored globe.

Peaches are one of nature's most dynamic and delicious fruits and have yielded some of the world's most delicious beers. On Saturday November 9th the "Fest de Peche" at Saraveza will bring many of these together for the first time.

On November 9th, as soon as the doors are unlocked, Saraveza is hosting both ciders and beers - each inspired by peaches.

In fact the list of beers and ciders goes something like this.

  • Upright Brewing: Fantasia
  • Logsdon Farmhouse Ales: Peche n' Brett
  • Block 15 Brewing: Peche
  • Great Divide: Peach Grand Cru
  • Solera Brewery: Peche
  • Bushwhacker Cider: Peach Ginger Cider
  • Epic Ales: Brainless on Peaches
  • Nectar Creek: Peach Mead
  • Scaldis: Peche Mel
  • Lompoc Brewing: Peach Wheat

Don't forget to fill up on pickled delicacies, like pasties (pronounced past - ees), or one of the following peach-inspired dishes.

  • Peach Wood Smoked Pork Medallions with a Peach Glaze with Sweet Potato Mash
  • Chicken Breast stuffed with Peaches and Ricotta Cheese over Brown Rice
  • Simple Fall Green Salad with Peachy Beerigrette
  • Peach Sorbet

Like anything associated with a festival, this event will cost you around $18. In exchange for parting with 4 Washington, a Lincoln, and a Jefferson - you get 10 tickets.

Saturday November 9th, 2013
Saraveza's hosts Feste de Peche
1004 N. Killingsworth Street Portland, OR 97217

About the photo’s author

"Matt Wiater is a photographer covering the Portland beer scene for portlandbeer.org."

About Saraveza

Cold beer, hot pasties & lots of homemade pickles.  Saraveza is a place to celebrate beer, hang out, eat well and enjoy friends and strangers alike. We’re a North Portland watering hole and craft beer convenience store with over 200 bottles and 10 rotating taps. We adore good food and make our pasties and tavern treats w/ fresh, local ingredients and love … –source, Saraveza’s website

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