Event Planner *Pushpin: WA: 12/4 6pm Barking Dog hosts Black Raven

image courtesy Paul D. Gibson's Flickr page. Please click on the link to support him.If you're looking for an excuse to get off the worn-out couch, then you might consider Barking Dog. Located in the Ballard neighborhood on 705 NW 70th Street, the Barking Dog is "... a family-friendly neighborhood pub specializing in tasty craft beer, a full bar, classic “American Bar and Grill” menu  and warm service from our friendly staff.

On December 4th, from 6pm, the staff invite you to stop by and enjoy a couple of beers from Black Raven Brewing.

Expect a few of the breweries usual beers - like Trickster IPA, Tamerlane Brown Porter, or Totem Pale Ale - to make an appearance.


About Black Raven Brewing

As beer lovers ourselves, our mission is simple; brew beer that we want to drink. We do not limit ourselves to style guidelines or how we "should" brew any beer. We brew it our way and hope enough folks like it because we cannot drink it all, even though we try sometimes.

About the Photo’s Author

Paul Gibson originally hails from Carlsbad, New Mexico, so it’s no wonder he prefers the Northwest’s cooler temperatures and its vast selection of hoppy delicious beers. As a kid, he first started taking photos with an Instamatic of his friends on their BMX bikes. Now he takes photos of beer, breweries and on occasion street photography, events and concerts—minus the Instamatic. You can see more of his photos on Flickr (www.flickr.com/photos/p_d_gibson ).

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