image sourced from Boundary Bay BreweryStarting this past week, Boundary Bay's Award Winning Cabin Fever "Winter Warmer" has returned to fill pints throughout the Northwest.

Brewery Description of Cabin Fever “Winter Warmer”

Bbay Cabin Fever is a strong ale (or “winter warmer”) with a dark red-brown color and a very rich malty flavor.  We make it with Mt. Hood, Warrior and Crystal hops and balance the flavors with the following malts: Pale 2-Row, Dark Crystal, Munich, Carastan, oats and Chocolate Malt.  While this is a big beer that is deceptively strong (7.2% ABV) it tastes very smooth thank to extra long cold conditioning.  Try this beer with spicy foods or any rich, heavy dishes…perfect for the holidays! Also great, just on its own…treat yourself!

Can't find Boundary Bay Cabin Fever near you? Click on the following link to find your nearest bottleshop, restaurant, or alehouse.

Then in mid-November, the brewery will release bottles of Cabin Fever at their pub (located at 1107 Railroad Avenue in Bellingham, WA).


About Boundary Bay Brewing

We are locally owned and run – providing jobs to over 100 people in our community.  Sustainability is a very important factor in our business which is why we certified our Beer Garden as a Backyard Wildlife Habitat, committed to move Toward Zero Waste within our brewery and pledged to buy consistently from local producers to help support Washington agriculture. We even mark all the items on our menu that include local ingredients with a “Think Local. Buy Fresh” logo so our customers can make informed decisions with their forks and their dollars!  We have undertaken wastewater and energy audits, our spent grains feed the cattle at a local farm who supply our ground beef and the oil from our fryer is converted to biodiesel by a local company.

Our bistro and beer garden contine to be places the community gathers in to celebrate their lives and spend time with the people they love.  We’ve had private parties, banquets and even weddings here. There are many reasons that Boundary Bay Brewery has been dubbed “Pure Bellingham” and that matters a whole lot to us!

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