Industry News: USA: Think breweries aren’t impacted by the Govt. Shutdown? Wrong!

Regardless their political denomination, people will tell you the Government ceasing to operate is a bad idea. Unfortunately many people are also under the delusion that so far the "shutdown" is impacting some 800,000+ "non-essential" employees. Did you know some of those employees are responsible for issuing licenses to breweries?

TTB would halt its regulatory functions, non-criminal investigative activities and audit functions. However, TTB would ensure that all tax remittances are processed because these functions are deemed necessary for safety and protection of property. Source, Department of the Treasury.

If you haven't heard of the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) then you obviously have never been to a brewery or enjoyed a beer.

Because of the shutdown any applications for opening a new brewery or getting bottled beer labels approved are on hold.

Our freshly submitted license application for our new brewery in Mtlk. Terrace will certainly be delayed.  We don’t currently have any COLA applications pending, but do have one coming up, so who knows if that’ll get approved in time. Pat Ringe Head Brewer & co-Owner Diamond Knot Brewing

And don't think that the wine, cider, or spirits industry is excluded. They have to consult with TTB as well. Last year alone TTB processed and approved over 130,000 "certificate of label approval" applications.

Currently when the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau resume is up to the politicians and the President of the United States. Till then this writer asks you to do your part to ease your local breweries pain by supporting them locally.


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