Beer Release: WA: Get It Now … Old School House Fresh Hop India Pale Ale

image sourced from Old Schoolhouse Brewery's website

A few weeks ago, like many brewers, Old Schoolhouse made their way to the fields of Yakima. With the goal of collecting freshly cut hops the brewery arrived, collected their bushels of hops, and made their way back to the Winthrop Valley.

To the laymen the whole process of creating a fresh hop (or wet hop) beer might be akin to a medical drama – only with breweries and beer being made.

Picture the brewers heading out to  a nearby destination, while another team of brewers stay behind and raise the water temperature. Arriving at the hop fields in Yakima, the brewers load the truck up with recently cleaved hops. And like eager surgeons, the brewers in Winthrop proceed to mill the various malts needed to produce this once a year beer. After a few hours the wort is transferred, while almost at the same time the hops arrive and are immediately deposited into the boil.

image sourced from Old Schoolhouse Brewery's websiteOk, so maybe this explanation won't evolve into a short lived mini-series. But this is a shorthand accounting of how a fresh or wet hop beer is produced.

We used nearly 500 lbs of fresh dank goodness per 15 BBL batch.  Something extra in the aroma and flavor that can only come from fresh hops. A mystery of flavor and mouth feel that is hard to describe – a one of a kind experience.  A must for true hop heads.

The result is a beer that uniquely described by Old Schoolhouse as "Very full and complex spectrum of hop aromas and flavors including; citrusy, piney, and herbal. Good strong bitterness and balanced with a Carmel malt finish."

Beer Geek Specifications

Pacific Northwest Style Fresh Hop IPA made with glutinous amounts of fresh (wet) hops including Simcoe, Citra, and Amarillo.

As of right now anyone within driving distance of Old Schoolhouse (155 Riverside Winthrop, WA 98862) can drop by for a pint or growler. As for anyone not within driving distance I would advise you contact your local restaurant or pub and ask them to get a keg of this beer.


About Old Schoolhouse Brewery

We strive to create an environment so our customers and our team can make connections and share life's incredible journey together. By living our vision, we will earn a reputation for making great beer and creating a fun place where one can sit, relax, and make positive connections with others. We will achieve this through authentic awesome customer service and by producing the highest quality beer and pub experience possible. By living our vision, our efforts will be rewarding for both our customers and ourselves.

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