Beer Release: NW: Get It Now ... Oakshire Amber Ale & Oakshire Espresso Stout - in cans

Since its humble beginnings, in Mesopotamia, beer has been stored in a water-tight vessel. From clay jars to wooden barrels to brown bottles- beer has been kept safe.

But there was a time, many decades ago, when the preferred method to enjoy a beer at home was in a can. Anyone over the age of 30 can recall a time when canned, craft beer, was hard to come by. Today it's a different era with breweries like Hales Ale, New Belgium, and even Sierra Nevada canning their beer.

Starting today you can now look for cans of Oakshire Amber Ale and Oakshire Overcast Espresso Stout, as well as their India Pale Ale

“We're thrilled to package our Amber and Stout in cans,” explains Brewmaster Matt Van Wyk. “The bottom line is that cans are better for the quality of beer, and that's what I care about. Cans keep light out of the beer and have less oxygen pickup, which will allow us to have a great experience with fresh beer. The extra benefits of portability, recyclability and a single serving size are all just bonuses for us.”

Look for 12 ounce, canned, Oakshire Amber Ale & Overcast wherever you find bottles and cans of Oakshires beers.


About Oakshire Brewing: Craftsmanship Defined

Located in Eugene, Oregon, Oakshire Brewing was founded in October 2006  with  a mission to  brew the highest quality beer  while  providing exceptional customer service. Oakshire has become regionally and nationally recognized for consistently brewing fresh, unique and delicious beers. The name Oakshire represents our core values: Strength, like the enduring oak; Independence, which fuels our innovation; and Community, remembering our place within the whole. The brewery is located at 1055 Madera Street, Eugene, OR. Learn more about Oakshire Brewing, our craft beers, brewery events, tours and tastings at

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