image courtesy Fort George BrewingA quick reminder to those living in or around Astoria another beer release is on the shelves. That beer is Fort George North VII, their Imperial India Pale Ale, aged in bourbon barrels.

If you let the brewery tell the story of this year’s they would tell it like this.

A tractor-trailer sped 2400 miles through the night to deliver American Oak barrels to the Fort George Brewery, staves still engorged with Kentucky Bourbon.  Seventy-two hours after being emptied at the distillery these barrels were harboring a winter wonder, working their alchemy on the hop and barley elixir nestled within.

image courtesy Fort George BrewingThis year’s release is not the brewery’s first. In fact North has been around, since 2007. With a small change to the recipe every year, the beer has mostly remained an Imperial India Pale Ale. In fact this year’s variance is the inclusion of a “… complex malt bill and a tremendous amount of hops.” Also the brewery elected to ferment the beer with a Belgian yeast.

After a agreed upon time the beer is removed from the barrels, where more hops additions are included. This contributed to the aromatics which were described as “…pungent with vanilla, bourbon, oak and flowery lupulin magic.”

As of last Thursday, October 25th, North VII is available in 22 ounce bottles and will more than likely sell quickly.


About Fort George George Brewing

The Fort George Brewery & Public House was the original settlement site of Astoria founded in March 1811 by Captain Jonathan Thorn. In its heyday, Astoria was the Pacific Fur Company’s primary fur trading post in the Northwest. Under temporary British Authority, it was renamed Fort George after King George the Third. In 1924, the Fort George building was erected to house a Ford service station and remained an automotive repair facility until the late 1990’s. Briefly abandoned and sadly neglected, we have revitalized the Fort George building producing beer here on site.  We hope this brewery will respond and adjust to your thirsts, as we believe in beer that evolves depending on the palates of the people who drink it.  We strive to use the freshest most locally obtainable ingredients and our beers are never filtered, fined or clarified.  We the brewers aim to constantly raise our standards to make you the greatest pint of beer you’ve had today.

We aim to operate a public house that is open and welcoming to all that may gather together, enjoy fresh local food and beer served with enthusiasm and a commitment to quality.  We take three days off a year, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Labor Day, but otherwise we are open to serve. Please return often for great meals, outstanding beers and good company.

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