Event Planner *Pushpin: OR: 9/20–10/3 Migration hosts “Fresh Hop Fridays”

image sourced from Migration BrewingA quick shout out to Migration as they celebrate fresh-hop beers through the rest of September & part of October.

What’s a Fresh or Wet Hop beer? How about history lesson.

Fall for beer lovers is synonymous with autumnal-colored, malty Oktoberfests, and pungent pumpkin-spiced ales, but it is also a time to celebrate the good fortune of the harvest. Harvest festivals are ancient, but the budding twist put on that tradition by American brewers―wet hop/fresh hop ale―has become a seasonal sensation.

Supplied with fresh-picked hops, brewers fire their kettle to capture the hop in its most natural state. The jaunt from field to wort is harried, lest the precious and essential components lose their verdant charm, as Mother Nature waits for no brewer. Wet hop ales are both earthly and ethereal, and composed to flaunt their delicate, juicy character. Craft beer offers an appreciable, firsthand connection to its core ingredients, and wet hop ale may the epitome of that alliance. source, All About Beer's article  Stylistically Speaking - “Wet and Fresh Hop Ale"

Starting today, September 20th, PDX’s Migration Brewing is releasing a different fresh-hopped beer each Friday.

This week’s the brewery has released Glisan Street Fresh Hop, a pale ale with 50 pounds of Meridian hops.

We took our workhorse pale ale and added 50 pounds of fresh Meridian hops to the mix.

Then on Friday September 27th the brewery releases Migration Wild Style.

We decided to do something a little different with this fresh hop by creating a farmhouse ale dosed with 75 pounds of Crystal freshies.

Finally on Friday October 4th the brewery release Better Off Fresh, a fall seasonal India Pale Ale.

This beer is our fall seasonal IPA made with 50 pounds of Crystal fresh hops and is sure to be a crowd favorite!

As always the brewery features a wide array of beers, besides the ones you see above.


About Migration Brewing

Migration Brewing is the story of four guys coming together to follow a passion for beer.  Since the fall of 2008 we have put everything we have into making our dream a reality and have been brewing in northeast Portland since 2010.  We believe in sweat equity and doing it yourself.  We live for sunny days on the patio.  We are independent. We measure success one pint at a time.  We give back.  We love our neighborhood and city.  We independently distribute our beer because that’s how we want to do it. Some of us are from here, some of us aren’t.  We believe in the power of beer, people and chasing dreams.  We believe that great beer makes the journey.

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