Event Planner *Pushpin: OR: 9/12 Saraveza hosts the Ninkasi / Elysian Hopsquash release party

This Thursday head over to Saraveza (1004 North Killingsworth Street Portland, OR 97217) to celebrate another release of Hopsquash, a collaboration between breweries Elysian and Ninkasi.

Starting at 5pm, join Ninkasi’s Morgan Miller and Elysian’s Dave Chappell (not related to Dave Chapelle) as they answer questions about Hopsquash IPA, Elysian Great Pumpkin Imperial Pumpkin Ale, Elysian Vahalla Red IPA, Ninkasi Oktoberfest Dortmund-style Lager, and Ninkasi Maiden the Shad IPA.

More on Elysian / Ninkasi Hop Squash India Pale Ale

Ninkasi Brewing's Jamie Floyd jetted up from Eugene to Elysian Brewing in Seattle for the 2nd year in a row to brew this collaborative pumpkin IPA. Pale, Munich and Cara-hell malts yielded a gravity of 16.7, and we went somewhat exotic with the hops, bittering with Sorachi Ace and finishing with New Zealand Motueka.  ... And let's not forget 150 lbs. of pumpkin! 6.8% ABV |  65 IBU. Source, Elysian Brewing

More on the other Elysian and Ninkasi beers being poured during this event.

  • Elysian ‘Great Pumpkin’ Imperial Pumpkin Ale. 8.1% ABV, 20 IBUs
  • Elysian ‘Valhalla’ Red IPA. 7.5% ABV, 70 IBUs
  • Ninkasi ‘Oktoberfest’ Dortmund-Style Lager. 5.1%, 25 IBUs
  • Ninkasi ‘Maiden the Shade’ IPA. 6.8%, 72 IBUs

As with any brewery event there will be raffles for logoed merchandise from each of the breweries. Also Dave Chappell & Morgan Miller will be raffling off chances to win tickets for the Elysian Great Pumpkin Beer Festival!


About Elysian Brewing

The Elysian was founded in 1995 by principals Dick Cantwell (President/Head Brewer), Joe Bisacca (CFO/Head of Operations) and David Buhler (Sales & Marketing Director). Our first Seattle location, a 220-seat beer hall and our main brewery, opened in 1996 on Capitol Hill, Seattle’s most populous neighborhood. In 1997 Elysian was chosen to operate a pub and small brewery at Gameworks—a large entertainment complex owned by Universal Studios, Dreamworks & Sega. Elysian left this partnership in 2002 upon expiration of the five-year contract. A short year later Elysian opened TangleTown, an 80-seat neighborhood brewery/bistro. With a 3-bbl pilot brewery, Elysian-TangleTown acted as the brewers’ test kitchen, fueling the creative fires and helping cement Elysian’s reputation as Seattle’s top brewpub. The most recent addition to the Elysian empire, Elysian Fields, opened in August 2006. Perched next to Seattle’s two sports arenas, Fields seats 400 and packs the house at lunch and on gamedays. It is typical for us to offer over twenty different Elysian beers between the three locations. – www.elysianbrewing.com

About Ninkasi Brewing

Founded in 2006 by Jamie Floyd and Nikos Ridge, Ninkasi Brewing Company continues to grow from its first batch of Total Domination IPA, to a 50-barrel brewing system located in Eugene, Ore. Ninkasi’s Flagship Series beers include Total Domination IPA, Tricerahops Double IPA, Believer Double Red, Oatis Oatmeal Stout, and Vanilla Oatis Oatmeal Stout, and are sold throughout Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Alaska, California, Montana, and British Columbia. Committed to community support and giving, Ninkasi’s Beer is Love program offers in-kind donations and support for organizations throughout its footprint. For more information, call 541.344.2739 or visit www.NinkasiBrewing.com.

About Saraveza

Derived from the owner’s name and the Spanish word for beer, Saraveza Bottle Shop & Pasty Tavern is a place to celebrate craft beer, eat well and enjoy friends and strangers alike.  We’re a North Portland watering hole and craft beer convenience store w/ 250+ bottles and 9 rotating taps.Whether you’re new to the brew scene and need some guidance or an old pro just looking for something rare, Saraveza’s beertenders will find a flavor that works for you.

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