Charity Preview: WA: 9/22 Dogtoberfest is coming. Sponsored by Diamond Knot to benefit Kramer and the Oregon Daschund Rescue

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Maybe it’s the name Daschund. Maybe it’s the nickname of “wiener dog” or “hot dog”. Whatever it might be, there is something special about this little dog with it’s stomach so close to the ground.

But did you know that Diamond Knot Brewing owner Bob Maphet was a Daschund appreciator? In fact Bob’s beloved “hot dog” Lily has become a sort-of brewery mascot.

Which is why LIly, along with the Diamond Knot Brewery are hosting an event (September 22nd) to benefit a fellow “hot dog”, Kramer”

Kramer “aka, Krazy Dog” was regrettably born with a severe knuckling in his front legs. Which has made walking very painful. To fix this handicapping condition Kramer will undergo numerous surgeries. Thankfully the folks at the Oregon Daschund Resuce are picking up the tab.

Call it Dogtoberfest. We're pulling out all the stops to help Kramer with the help of Lilly, Diamond Knot's brewery dog, who just happens to be a Dachshund, too. When Diamond Knot founder Bob Maphet donated to Kramer's cause, he knew the company could do so much more to help. He and the team decided to match up to $500 in donations raised from this little weiner dog and the very worthy organization, Oregon Dachshund Rescue, which sees up to 3-5 rescues each day.

In addition to the month-long donation drive, Lilly has some fun planned over the weekend of Sept. 21-22. There will be food and "Yappy Hour" drink specials all weekend long, and on Sept. 22, the Production Brewery & Taproom comes alive with Dog Costume and Frisbee toss contests, giveaways, hot dog feasts and beer specials. Local celebrity judges have been invited and are looking forward to joining in the fun. source, Diamond Knot Brewing

Head over to the brewery during the weekend of September 21st. Or stop in on September 22nd to help keep charities like Oregon Daschund Resuce afloat.

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More on Kramer

Kramer was born Thanksgiving 2012 with a genetic deformity of extreme knuckling in front paws and knuckles.

Kramer was just five weeks old when his breeder took him to their local humane society to be euthanized. He was saved by another rescue who contacted Oregon Dachshund Rescue to help, since she didn’t have the resources available to help him. Jenell Rangan agreed to take him and provide whatever he would need, because for Jenell, euthanasia is not an option.
Kramer_Vet_Full_BodyKramer weighed just 1 lb. and was very frail when he came to the rescue on February 5. Within a few days after coming to the rescue, he became lethargic and was not responding in his usual playful way to any stimulation of noise or touch. He was taken to Dove Lewis where he was immediately put in the ICU and given IV fluids, blood work and all other tests they felt necessary. The results came back normal but he was diagnosed with a weak immune system was involved. Two days later he stabilized and they released him to come home. The doctors have no idea what was going on but there was a time when they thought he might not make it.

The next day Kramer was seen by veterinarian Dr. Robison and diagnosed with ear mites and a terrible skin condition and a compromised immune system. He was also seen by Dr. Kroll a specialist at Northwest Veterinary Specialists and diagnosed with dwarfism and bilateral leg deformities. Kramer’s deformity involves both front legs that allow him to stand normal on occasion, then suddenly his front feet will buckle under when he walks. He often stands with buckled carpi. Dr. Kroll feels the deformities in both front limbs are likely congenital and breed related. More both growth needs to occur before they can determine how to fix his problem so he can have a normal life. Kramer is doing exercises to strengthen his front feet and he’s taking supplements and eating mostly human food with calories to put on weight so his bones will grow. There has been some improvement in his right leg.

We’ve done some fundraising but have already gone thru the $2,800 in donations with the
emergency visit at Dove Lewis and another $1,600 which covered his skin problems, his puppy shots and blood work x rays and two visits at the specialist. The total investment in this little guy could reach $10,000 to $12,000. We are committed to saving this little guy and giving him the best life he can have. This beautiful young doxie has personality beyond belief with an abundance of energy and love. He is extremely smart, playful and at this age, his limitations do not stop him. He’s a survivor and has won over the hearts of those that have met him. He’s a delightful little guy. All his chart notes are being posted on his Facebook page.

Jenell specializes in the non-adoptable and the physically or mentally challenged. If she determines, after working extensively with a dog, that he’s not adoptable, he has a forever home with Jenell as she’s a no-kill shelter. She works extremely hard to save these dogs and correct behavioral issues and find them wonderful new homes. She’s 100% for these little dachshunds. Jenell actually adopted out 300 plus Doxies just last year and transferred an additional 220 to other no kill rescues…. So over 500 just last year!

More on Oregon Daschund Rescue Inc.

Oregon Dachshund Rescue, Inc. is a non-profit, all-volunteer, no-kill Dachshund rescue organization serving Oregon and Washington. Our aim is to find the best homes possible for Dachshunds who have been neglected, abused, injured or surrendered for euthanization. We are a 501(c)3 registered organization.

We believe that every single one of these wonderful little dogs deserves love and care, but life doesn't always work that way. Sometimes dogs are injured and their owners cannot afford or provide appropriate care. Sometimes dogs are used solely as breeding vessels and are tossed aside when they are no longer useful. Sometimes families under-estimate what dog ownership requires and realize too late that they cannot care for their pet. Sometimes dogs outlive their humans and there is no one to take them in. That is where the Oregon Dachshund Rescue comes in.

About Diamond Knot Brewing

The story behind the Diamond Knot brand name harkens back to the 1947 shipwreck of the Diamond Knot cargo ship. It is a story of perseverance, tenacity and being resourceful in the face of adversity. Bob and Brian named the brewery Diamond Knot to honor the hard-working and innovative participants of the shipwreck and its salvage, and as a reminder of what is possible when you have dreams and ambition. Read more about the Diamond Knot shipwreck. source, Diamond Knot Brewing

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