Beer Release: NW: Get It Now … Deschutes Jubelale Winter Ale. With label art from Oregon artist Avlis Leumas

Like the first leaves browning, nothing signals the coming of Fall and colder temperatures than a Deschutes Jubelale.

When the crispness of fall starts to fill the air, Jubelale starts to show up on shelves and tap handles. Dark and malty, layered flavors unwrap to reveal chicory and earth notes and a hoppy kick to finish. Each year, a different local artist creates an original piece of work to grace the label and packaging of Jubelale. For 2013, Bend, Oregon artist Avlis Leumas created a mysterious owl perched along a wintery Deschutes River.

“It’s an incredible honor to join the ranks of a group of artists I have admired for so many years. The great thing about creating Jubelale art is that, because each piece is so uniquely brilliant and diverse from the next, the only thing you have to do is be yourself,” said Leumas. “My goal with this piece, which is titled ‘Lost in the Loud’, was to create balance with opposites: as serene and quiet as the piece is, there is movement and activity everywhere.” source, Deschutes Brewery

image sourced from Deschutes BreweryWhat makes the artwork even more special was word that an owl was living in Farwell Bend Park, along the Deschutes river. Like many artists living in or around Bend Avlis wanted to pay homage to this owl, by telling a story through the Jubelale painting. In essence anyone drinking from a bottle of Deschutes Juebelale would get lost in the landmarks, that would tell a tale of this owl, featured prominently on the label.

More on Jubelale

This year marks the 26th bottling of Jubelale, the first brew that Deschutes Brewery ever bottled. For 19 of those years, a different local or regional artist has been chosen to create original artwork for the label. This “winter warmer” is a well-balanced favorite for the holiday season. Jubelale will be available in all 21 states where Deschutes Brewery beer is sold, starting in September. 6.7% Alcohol by Volume (ABV); 60 IBUs; 12-ounce bottles and draft.

Look for bottles and draft of Jubelale thoughout the Northwest. As always if you can’t find it near you, ask your server or grocer to get some!


About Deschutes Brewery

Celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, Deschutes Brewery began as a brew pub in downtown Bend, Oregon and is known for such brands as Black Butte Porter, its flagship brew and the nation’s number one selling craft porter, and the popular Mirror Pond Pale Ale. In addition to its original Bend pub, this family and employee-owned brewery opened a second pub in Portland’s Pearl District in 2008. The company’s main brewing facility is located on the banks of the Deschutes River and produces over 250,000 barrels of beer annually for distribution in 21 states and two provinces. Deschutes Brewery was named one of America’s Best Places to Work in 2013 by Outside Magazine. To find out more, visit

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