Cider News: WA: 8/5–8/15 Cider Week returns to Seattle

image sourced (through Creative Commons) via Into Somerset's Flickr pageFor most of the United States cider has remained something consumed hot, while walking amongst a pumpkin patch or corn field.

Which makes things all the more difficult for producers of so-called hard cider. In short America's perception of cider needs to change. And we think that the Northwest Cider Association (NWCA) is on the right track to change that.

Who is the Northwest Cider Association? Here's is what they have to say.

The Northwest Cider Association is a trade organization representing 32 cider producers throughout the Pacific Northwest in Washington, Oregon, Montana and British Columbia. Memberships are also available to individual cider enthusiasts, as well as retail shops, restaurants and beverage distributors. To learn more visit

Taking a moment to recognize the NWCA's local contribution we are happy to congratulate them on their many year's in Seattle.

Which is why this writer is happy to announce their return to the Seattle area to promote cider. Much like the prevous year's the Northwest Cider Assocaition is happy to announce Cider Week, a 10 day celebration of that 'fermented beverage made with fruit'.

Cidermakers in Washington have a lot to celebrate. Several regional cideries have won major awards for their traditional dry ciders and perrys, while new blends featuring black currants, honey, hops, lavender and quince are giving cider fans plenty of unusual flavors to enjoy. Nationally, cider continues to be the fastest-growing segment of the beverage market. Hard cider, crafted from apples with the same careful attention that wine is developed from grapes, is naturally gluten-free, and makes use of fruit varieties that date back hundreds of years.

What better way to celebrate an organization promoting ‘that other fermented-fruit beverage’ than with 10 days of cider awareness.

Starting September 5th, the Northwest Cider Association kicks off Cider Week at Capitol Cider (818 E Pike Street). Following Capitol Cider, the NWCA continues their kick-off at South Lake Union for the 3rd Annual Seattle Cider Summit (September 6th & 7th).

Don't fret if you cannot make either the Thursday event (at Capitol Cider) or Cider Summit Seattle as there are over 75 events to choose from, from Thursday (September 5th) thru Sunday (September 15th).

Need some examples? Here's a short list, courtesy Northwest Cider Association.

  • Experience the two-day Northwest Cider Summit festival at South Lake Union’s Discovery Center Park, featuring 110 ciders, 59 of which have never been poured at the Cider Summit before.
  • Dine through three and four course prix fixe cider pairing dinners at the VUDE at South Lake Union and the Gastropod in Seattle’s SoDo neighborhood.
  • Explore gluten-free menu choices paired with ciders at the Northwest’s newest cider bar, Capitol Cider.
  • Discover special ciders on tap at taverns from Yakima to Tacoma to Bellingham, and in the new pub at Whole Foods in Seattle’s on Westlake.
  • Taste menu items created especially to pair with particular ciders at Café Flora in Madison Park, Prima Bistro on Whidbey Island, and Terra Plata on Capitol Hill.
  • Cycle a cider trail through Seattle with stops at pubs along the route, each offering cider samples.
  • Complete an educational cider short course conducted by Chris Lehault, cider columnist for, at The Pantry at DeLancey in Ballard.
  • Follow cider-themed craft cocktail trails, making special appearances at Seattle bars and restaurants like Tavern Law, the Stumbling Goat, and Tilth.
  • Enjoy sweet and savory chocolate and cider pairings at Bravehorse in South Lake Union (featuring Theo Chocolates) and the Chocolate Box, near Pike Place Market.
  • Gather at casual events planned in the garden at Bottlehouse in Madrona and on the deck at Beveridge Place in West Seattle.

As for this writer I’ll definitely be in attendance at Cider Summit Seattle. Then again with over 75 other events to choose from, it's hard to say we won't bump into each other elsewhere.

Enjoy Cider Week!

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