Brewery News: BC: Pacific Western Brewing starts pilot brewing

image sourced from Pacific Western Brewing's Flickr accountFor everyone the dream has been to “be your own boss”. Some are lucky to start at an early age, while others have to wait much longer. But you can’t make it happen unless you take some initiative. And once you’ve started your own business you will need to keep at it, less you fail and are re-inserted into the labor pool.

Thankfully Pacific Western Brewing, out of Prince George, is not one of those looking to collect unemployment. In fact they are expanding their brewery with the announcement of a 10 hecolitre (or a little over 8 BBL) “pilot brewing system”.

For “Brewmaster” Henryk Orlik  the dream of creating one-off and test batch beers started 5 weeks ago.

“We have been doing a lot of upgrades, including the addition of two 1,000 HL outdoor fermenters, and introducing a pilot system seemed like the logical next step to solidify our position as a regional craft brewery. This an exciting time for us, the pilot brewery will be instrumental in giving our 12 brewers an opportunity to flex their creative muscles,” Orlik added.

With the new pilot system, Orlik hopes to produce between 750 HL  (93.75 BBL) and 1500 HL (187.5 BBL) of prototype beers, annually.

This fall the brewery also has plans to develop new yeast as part of a research project between PWB and UNBC that will utilize their small batch yeast brink to explore the possibilities of yeast in the fermentation process. It won’t stop there. In 2014 the brewery plans to work with local farmers to grow fresh hops. PWB will make the most of the unique opportunities the 10 HL system presents by perfecting existing recipes and, more importantly, experimenting with new ones.

Congrats to Pacific Western Brewing and their recent acquisition. We think that B.C. is heading in the right direction toward improving Canada’s Northwest beer scene.


About Pacific Western Brewing

Canada’s longest running, British Columbian-owned brewery was established in 1957 on a fresh water spring in Prince George, BC. Originally named Caribou Brewing, Pacific Western Brewing Company (PWB) has had seven owners over it's storied past and achieved many milestones. Including, being the first Canadian brewer to export to mainland China in 1991 and then to Russia in 1996. Along the way these achievements have shaped the BC beer backbone for over fifty years.

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