Event Planner *Pushpin: OR: 7/25 5pm-9pm 10 Barrel night at Saraveza

In need of something to do next Thursday? How about a trip along Killingsworth Street to one of the best Packer bars in PDX?

Next Thursday Saraveza is hosting Bend's 10 Barrel Brewing for a unique tap take-over.

Starting at 5pm you’re encouraged to start a tab and enjoy the breweries German Sparkle Party. Brewed in the Berliner Weisse-style, this beer inspires thoughts of a beer with sour, tart, but fruity notes. The best part of this takeover event is that you get to try the original German Sparkle Party as well the same beer brewed with an addition of cucumbers or raspberries. More on that below.

  • German Sparkle Party Berliner Weisse - Sour, tart and fruity.  4% ABV
  • Cucumber Crush - GSP with Cucumbers added!  Refreshing, somewhat savory and oh so cucumber!  4% ABV
  • Raspberry Crush - GSP with Raspberries added!  Tart & delicious just like a fresh raspberry.  5.2% ABV

Thursday July 25th, 2013 5pm-9pm
1004 N. Killingsworth Street Portland, OR 97217

Stop by, say hello to the brewer, and enjoy a glass (or three ) of the German Sparkle Party!


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