It’s barely been a month into Summer and yet we haven’t seen many proclamations from Eugene’s Ninkasi. Then again it helps to check the inbox hourly, apparently, as they have announced three new beers from the brewery.

Starting immediately, we are happy to announce the release of Eugene Esteem California-style Common Ale.

Brewery Description of Eugene Esteem California-style Common Ale.

  • ABV: 5.4%
  • IBU: 35
  • Starting Gravity: 1052
  • Malt: Ida-Gold Barley, Foggy Bottom Barley
  • Hops: Northern Brewer

Description: This is a Ninkasi take on the California Common-style of beer.  Brewed with locally-grown, micro-malted barley, Ninkasi brewer Anders Johansen worked with Christensen Family Farm in McMinnville to grow, harvest, and malt the barley for this brew - more than 4,000 pounds worth! Using lager yeast fermented at ale yeast temperature, this is a dry, crisp amber beer with woody, rustic hop notes, light fruitiness and subtle caramel and toasty malt aromas.

Food Pairings:  Barbeque; Peppery or Tangy Cheeses, Pork, Poultry, Fish, Shellfish, Tropical Fruit Desserts

image courtesy Ninkasi Brewing.

Brewed as a celebration of the Oregon Beer Festival’s 26th Anniversary, Eugene Esteem is one of only a handful of beers, so far (this year), to carry the Rare & Delicious Series designation.

“The Rare and Delicious Series allows our brewers to pursue creative mastery through making beers they have never made before,” explains founding brewer and co-owner, Jamie Floyd. “Each brewer combines creativity and research to produce a new beer that explores new ingredients, yeasts or processes in the quest to create something new and tasty!”

Ninkasi’s R&D Series not only allows the brewers to explore new recipes, but allows local consumers to try the new Ninkasi styles. “These beers may develop into future beers or beer enjoyed for what they are,” says Floyd.

Look for Eugene Esteem California-style Common throughout Oregon and in limited supply throughout the rest of the Northwest.


About Ninkasi Brewing Company

Founded in 2006 by Jamie Floyd and Nikos Ridge, Ninkasi Brewing Company continues to grow from its first batch of Total Domination IPA, to a 55-barrel brewing system located in Eugene, Ore. Ninkasi’s Flagship beers—Total Domination IPA, Tricerahops Double IPA, Believer Double Red, Oatis Oatmeal Stout, and Vanilla Oatis Oatmeal Stout—are sold throughout Oregon, Alaska, California, Idaho, Montana, Washington, and British Columbia. Committed to community support and giving, Ninkasi’s Beer Is Love program offers in-kind donations and support for organizations throughout its footprint.

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