image sourced from Laurelwood's blogHave you gotten your hands on the latest lupulin demon from Portland’s Laurelwood Brewing?

Named Megafauna, this Imperial India Pale Ale has been trailblazing at taste competitions since earlier this year. Which is pretty much the reason I’m reminding you about this beer being bottled and shipped out to pubs and grocery stores all over the region.

And the name? Well that’s the result of a random synapse discharging in head brewer Vasil Glestos’ brain. Mind you this wasn’t completely his idea. In fact Vasil had his son, a documentary on dinosaurs, and a video reenacted fight between a prehistoric sloth versus two saber tooth tigers, to inspire him.

Brewery description straight from Laurelwood’s blog

Now onto the logistics of Megafauna. This beer consists of premium two-row, crystal, and flaked barley malts that provide a platform similar to that featured in our Mother Lode Golden Ale. We then infuse Mosaic, Simcoe and Citra hops (as well as a few others later in the mashing process) for a flavor that is literally unbeatable! The aroma and flavor are layers of pine, citrus and tropical fruit and the beer pours out with a beautiful pale gold color. Megafauna is a whopping 9.5% ABV with an IBU measurement of 140 and an OG of 20.5.

Head over to a nearby Laurelwood Pub in either Portland or Battle Ground.


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