Festival Preview: WA: 6/16–6/23 West Sound Beer Week organizers announce Hopstock

By reading the headline and continuing to read this story you are a member of one of two fraternities, those for ‘Beer Week’ or those against ‘Beer Week’.

For this writer I can’t get enough of them.

In fact the only thing stopping me from visiting every single city is a steady paycheck. Couple that with “responsibilities”, otherwise known as bills, and you understand why we aren’t reporting from every beer week.

Which is why we are pulling for the West Sound Beer Week Community as they present Hopstock. They’re in our backyard.

Hopstock originally started as a celebration of craft beer culture, in Kitsap & Pierce Counties. And so far they have been successful in their goal. Starting June 16th and lasting exactly seven days, Hopstock will feature brewers nights, dinners, fundraisers, and even a pub crawl through Pouslbo.

“We have such a blossoming beer community here in the West Sound. It really stands to be celebrated and brought attention too. Hopstock is the perfect opportunity to do that and I am honored and excited to be a part of it.” Derek added “There really is community feel to how all the brewery community interacts and works together. Aside from enjoying some wonderful local fresh beer at these events, my hope is that those who participate feel like they get to become part of or even more part of that community as well.”

So far the list is rather small, but will no doubt increase as the days fall off the calendar. What do we mean? Here’s a sample of the participating breweries or businesses.

Like many organizations, Hopstock has a Facebook page. Look to the social media door stop to feature events and an opportunity for you the fan to comment throughout the site.

For more information Hopstock or The West Sound Beer Week visit http://kitsaphopstock.com/


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